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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

benefit Coral My World! Review

a photo of benefit Coral My World
Are you are looking for a beautiful, glowing spring makeup look?  If so,  I highly recommend that you try benefit Coral My World! I recently did a post on my favourites from my blush collection but forgot completely forgot that I had this.  

benefit Coral My World!


'Coral My World' by benefit is a miniature, travel sized gift set which includes Coralista face powder (blush) and the popular benefit Sun Beam.


This Coralista blush by benefit gives your cheeks a beautifully delicate peachy glow.    The blush is not too over powering it is very subtle.  

a picture of benefit Corlista blush

The benefit Coralista Blush is very build able if you want to achieve a stronger effect.  However I would recommend you use a primer before hand as I do feel that I need to touch it up after perhaps 3 or so hours especially if I have been going out and about.    This really is my only negative about this product.

a picture of benefit Coralista Swatches
Coralista Swatch

As you can see you are getting a good amount of product given it is a travel size and the pigment of the blush is stunning, there is the tiniest shimmer running through which makes a lovely finish. 

benefit Sun Beam

If you are a lover of benefit's High Beam then you will adore Sun Beam, whilst the High Beam gives off a lovely light shimmer which is perfect for any evening occasion or in the winter.  Sun Beam is ideal for bringing your look into the Spring and Summer - hosting a touch of shimmery bronze in your overall look.  It truly is 'liquid sunshine'.  

a picture of benefit Sun Beam

a picture of benefit Sun Beam

a picture of benefit Sun Beam
4.0ml Travel Size Sun Beam


benefit Sun Beam miniature comes packaged in a gold plastic bottle with a white lid.  And has a small wand brush (a bit like a nail varnish) to keep any spillages to a minimum.  The travel Sun Beam provides you with 
a picture of benefit Sun Beam swatches
benefit Sun Beam Swatch
As you can see from the swatch it is a very light golden colour with a little shimmer.  I apply this on the tops of my cheekbones, just under my brow bone and the tiniest amount on my cupids bow to give my skin a natural glow.  


I absolutely adore this set, unfortunately, I received this from my fellow blogger friend Leslie who lives in New York and it is not available to buy this particular set in the UK(well it isn't advertised on the website) It seems to only be available from Sephora for $12 which will suit all my American followers.  

However, for UK residents benefit sells both the Coralista and Sun Beam individually on their website. 

The Coralista retails at £23.50 for the full size, you can't buy the miniature one on its own i'm afraid.  Awesomely though Sun Beam is available to buy in both full and travel size retailing at £8.00 for the miniature Sunbeam and £18.50 for the full size bottle of Sun Beam.  



  1. the blush looks so pretty xo

    1. Hi Taylor, its adorable, hope you are well xx

  2. WOW that kit looks perfect for spring/summer, so gorgeous :)

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. It is really pretty, totally brightens your face up xx

  3. A really nice kit and would make a great gift for any beauty starter. :)
    Besides, don't we all love travel sized goodies? ;)

  4. Ooo lovely! I have Coralista and it smells absolutely devine!! Inspired me to get mine back out.


  5. This looks very interesting and I love coral blusher as it gives a lovely warm glow.

    1. You really can't beat it, coral colours are my fav xx

  6. Great review! THat coral blusher looks great, might have to try it out!
    PS. I'm hosting a Shabby Apple giveaway on my blog, come by and check it out if you get a chance!!
    Jillian -

  7. Great review! I love coralista, it is such a pretty colour!

  8. This little set looks so nice! I love that you can try smaller sizes before buying the big ones. Wish it would come to the UK!

    Gillian from x


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