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Monday, 14 January 2013

Winter Empties

It occurred to me the other day that I have never done a favourites or empties post...ever.  Well you have to start somewhere right?

So here is my first 'Empties Post'.  

I have been collecting my empties for the last 2 months as the post would have been rather short with only one or two.   
 I now store my empties in this lovely box, keeps things tidy and it stops Dave from getting onto me for 'hoarding rubbish'  he wouldn't quite understand the reasoning behind keeping them so for a simpler life, I have been hiding them here.  
Bio Derma Créaline 
Since October I have been using Bio Derma and I have to say that I am one of 'those' who love it.  I use it daily after I cleanse my face so more a 'back up' makeup remover, it would actually astonish you how dirty your face is still, even after you have cleansed.  I would now call this the holy grail of make up removers.  Unfortunately it isn't easy to come by.  As you know, I am doing the 100 Day Spending Ban so normally I would not be able to repurchase this, however, my sister put some in my stocking that she took home from Italy, so i'm covered - just have to make it last until April.  

Garnier Body
I like to use a tinted body moisturiser all year round, I am very pale and don't like a heavy tan but it is nice to have some colour to my complextion.  I find Garnier Body meets my daily needs and it smells lovely.  With this, I'd recommend exfoliating weekly and reapplying daily.  I bought a new bottle of this   on the run up to Hogmanay, it lasts a long time - I had this particular bottle since my holiday to Crete in April, so you can see yourself it lasts a long time - and it wasn't the largest sized bottle that they do.  Just medium.

Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo Brunette
 I find dry shampoo an essential part of my daily routine, I have quite fine, hair and feel it gets greasy fairly quickly.  Washing your hair everyday, as you know, isn't good so a dry shampoo really helps on the 2nd and 3rd days (if need be) to soak up any excess moisture.  I personally choose to buy the Lee Stafford Brunette to avoid the annoying white dust of other brands, however although it is an essential to me this brand is more luxury than some of the others so when I go to the supermarket this week I will be buying a cheaper version - to keep to the rules of the 'no spending'.  

Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Foundation
At the moment this is my favourite high end foundation.  I had this particular bottle since March last year and it was coming down to it's last drop just before Christmas - I have had it replaced but before the 1st January so no rules have been broken here.   I am only using it at weekends as i'm scared that it will be finished before April if I use it everyday.  I do have other foundations, I wouldn't be in trouble or anything it is just that this particular foundation really sits well on my skin. 

Estée Lauder Eye Make-up Remover
I bought this in the summer last year and it only just ran out this week.  It is of course a luxury product so I can't buy another one until April.    I will be replacing it with a high street brand as It is also a necessity in my opinion.  Eye make up would be far too difficult to remove other wise - unless you have any tips/?

Skin Etica
I love Skin Etica for treating my outbreaks and I have found this brand to be the best to tackle this, I also use this twice a day but I have a few samples left so i'm not in the woods yet. 
L'oreal True Match Powder
This has broken in the compact and needs replacing - this is already a high street brand, I do have a more expensive brand but it cost £26 and I am not using this everyday as it is expensive to replace just for everyday use, I will be allowing myself to replace the L'oreal version. 

Estèe Lauder Day Wear
Another luxury product that i'd say is a staple part of my everyday.  I have other moisturisers I can use so won't be replacing this until later on.  I like the day wear, it isn't to heavy or greasy. I prefer it to the Day Wear Lotion.  In fact I prefer moisturising creams to lotions any day. 

Christian Dior - Nude Concealer
Darn and blast, this is my favourite concealer and it is finished.  It is the best concealer i've ever tried and i'm gutted I can't replace it until April.  I have other concealers so i'll just have to make do.

Urban Decay Eye Primer
This sample sized UD primer lasted me months.  It is one of my favourite primers for eye make up, though I do have others that are just as good so I won't be replacing it just now. 
Well, I think that is everything in the picture - If I have missed an item do let me know.  Were any of these in your empties list this month?     I also welcome recommendations to cheaper alternatives so do leave a comment to let me know.   



  1. Great post hun i love bioderma too :-) xx

  2. So many lovely products! Really want to try the Chanel foundation, definitely tempted to splurge! x

  3. I use grapeseed oil from the grocery store to remove my eye makeup. I read somewhere that grapeseed oil is good for dark circles, so I'm hoping it's a dual-purpose product!

  4. Fab post, it always feels so good to have finished a load of products. I know exactly what you mean by the other half moaning that you are just keeping rubbish! Do they not understand its the foundations for a new blog post!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  5. good empties! I'm glad i'm not the only one that hides mine away to avoid random questions from the other half on why i'm saving empty bottles, he he x

  6. I use bioderma to take my eye makeup off :-)

    Lorna xxx

  7. I've still to try bioderma. I've got a similar box for storing empties. Hubby doesn't quite get my need to keep them yet! x


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