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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sisley Paris - Moisturiser with Cucumber Review

Sisley Crème Hydrante au Concombre 

For Christmas I received Sisley Paris Moisturiser from my Husband, who really, genuinely was clueless when it came to buying a gift for me.  David stresses every year and really goes out of his way and tries very hard to get me something he thinks I will like.  Well,  he really out did himself this year.  

Skin Problems

During 2011/2012 I developed the worst skin problems I have ever suffered.  As a teenager I was quite lucky, I never had a problem with acne however, after having my children karma seems to have come back and kicked my backside.  

Troubled skin has upset me so much and this upset Dave too, he is so caring and knew it was getting me down. 

So, when I opened this gift (and loved it) he explained his reason for buying it. David actually went to the counter and went out of his way to explain the problems I was having with my skin and told the lady how it was getting me down.  He wanted something that would help me.  The beauty consultant recommend this: 

Sisley Paris - Moisturiser

'Hydrates Soothes and nourishes the skin to smooth and comfort.  May be used as a night cream or day cream, with or without makeup'  


The packaging is simple and classy, which I like.  Actually for the price of it I would have thought it would have been a bit flashy, but glad it was not.   It does exactly what it says on the label.  Sisley Moisturiser contains Cucumber extracts which helps treat dehydration in the skin, restoring the natural balance.  


On application the cream feels smooth and I instantly feel the added moisture.   It smells really nice too. Cucumber is rich in amino acids which revitalise the skin.  It isn't too clamy, or sticky, It feels light and has a sense of freshness.  It is a very comfortable daily moisturiser which provides an ideal base for your makeup.  My skin really feels different to what it did before Christmas, I love a few different moisturisers and this one definitely ranks in the top 3. 

Unfortunately, this moisturiser is very expensive, £87 from John Lewis which is quite extravagant.  Though in saying this, the tub will last me a couple of months and I am so convinced by it's worth, I would save up to repurchase it.  I can't say enough positives about it.  

This is the first Sisley Paris product I have ever owned.  In all honesty I have walked passed the counter every time because it screams expensive.    I will definitely give it a chance in the future. 



  1. What a nice gift! I love a good moisturizer.

  2. I really enjoy Sisley products, although on the expensive side here in South-Africa. Do you know if they're cruelty free? :-) xo

  3. It's so sweet that he went to all that effort, very thoughtful :) I'm glad you like it too :) Oh and loving the pics ;)


    1. It was extremely thoughtful. Loving my new camera

  4. I love Sisley especially the face masks. I've got a sample of this, must try it. Thanks for a great review x

    1. Thanks my dear. I got a few different sample of Sisley products along with it that i'll try soon xx

  5. Sounds amazing and what a lovely gift! New follower :) xx

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

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  7. thank you so much for this review =)
    I had some weeks ago a skin check and the lady in the counter told me that my skin is too dry and this is the reason why i'm breaking out. She recommended me Sisley products. I didn't buy the moisturizer back then because it was so expensive.
    While thinking and rethinking I thought that maybe i should give it a try too.. some samples wouldn't be that bad =)

    Thanks again!!

    Love, Aida


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