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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

100 Day Spending Ban Check In #2

Can it really be a fortnight since the spending challenge started? It seems to have passed very quickly.

Last week, I was completely housebound with sick children, my parents calling in with food rations (bless them they really look after me when my husband is offshore).  I actually didn't leave the house once.  I would never wish for sick children but this did stop me from again doing my late night shopping Thursday ritual.

I did venture out on Saturday but only to the supermarket.  I was extremely good, I planned my trip and only got the essentials needed.  I walked passed the magazine aisle and flicked through Glamour and Cosmo though didn't buy a magazine - the shop assistant was throwing me glowers - can't blame her, it would really annoy me too.

I collected some takeaway pizza for me and my parents and a couple of bottles of wine.  That is as far as my spending went.


I had a lazy day and a 'Downton Abbey' marathon, I don't think I left my bed for long  let alone leave the house.  Naughty I know!


Back to reality, children thankfully well and back to school.  I joined my local 'Curves' gym, I have my first session on Wednesday, weather permitting, we have a lot of snow today.  Afterwards I nipped to the post office to send the last of the Blogmas prizes which are long overdue.

That takes us up to today.   I haven't been near a shop, just catching up on some blogging.  I haven't even added anything to my wish list so it stays the same as last week -

YSL Foundation
Perricone MD No concealer concealer. 

Are you proud of me?  I am. Long may it continue.  Have a couple of hurdles in the coming weeks, husbands birthday, a wedding, engagement party and 30th party - all of which i'd probably treat myself to some new beauty products - it's going to get tough! Oh I nearly forgot to say that this week I have to replace my compact powder and buy a cheaper alternative to my Estée Lauder eye makeup remover and Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo. These are items I find a necessity as per my 'winter empties' post. So they are allowed.




  1. Well done hun!! I wouldn't have the willpower for a spending ban! xx

    1. The last two weeks have been ok, it's going to be tough when it comes to not buying products for nights out. eekers

  2. Well done, keep up the good work :D

    1. Thanks Chick, just read your post too.. Well done xx

  3. Well done, youve been really good :)

  4. I know you have been sick - but you have been really good! Made me laugh picturing you reading the mags in the store! LOL

    Keep up the good work! I have just done my first update: xx

    1. Hi Grace, Yeah its not been too bad though there is a long way to go isn't there Will nip over to read your update xx

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  6. Well done Laura - you've done really well (and don't feel bad about flicking through the mags - I do it all the time!). Glad your kids are better - sounds like your mum and dad are looking after you - mine helped out so much when my two were little - don't know how I'd have managed without them! xx

  7. You're doing so great! i wish i had as much will power to resist those cosmo and glamour mags haha keep it up! xx


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