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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I was delighted to receive my first Birchbox this morning.  I have heard so many good things about them from my American friends.  It arrived in this lovely little box with pink trim and logo on the front.

Inside the box

First of all I was really pleased with bright pink Birchbox Make-up bag, it is really lovely and a change from the previous Jolie black and white (though I did like the white and gold Jolie December bag), the pink is very girly and it appealed to me straight away.  

The name of the magazine 'Fresh Start' is so apt, a new year, a new name.  brilliant.  

fresh Sugar Rosé Lip Treatment

I can't begin to express how delighted I was to receive this lip treatment - I received this in an international make up swap back in September last year and it is difficult to get over here.  This is an intensive moisturiser for your lips and it contains SPF 15.  This is a miniature but it will last a long time the full size treatment would cost you £15.50 which is quite expensive.  I really recommend it. 

Révérence De Bastien

Unguent for nail and cuticles.  This is a French brand and it is a treatment for your nails and cuticles.  This product really excites me, I can't wait to try it. It is pink in colour and it smells like Raspberries.  YUM.. 

KMS California

This is a volumizing spray which eucalyptus to remove excess oil.  I have particularly fine hair and i'm always on the look out for something to give my hair some extra oomph so looking forward to trying this.  It smells like a hairdressers.  Very fragrant.  I have never heard of KMS California before but I love to try new brands. The full size product would cost you £14.85

Teapigs. dream on

Caffeine free Chamomile tea - I like the name of this however, i'm not a fan of this kind of tea, unfortunately this is no use to me.  I would have preferred the peppermint. 

WEI Royal Ming

I am quite into my skin treatments and the moment and I am also looking forward to trying this firming and hydrating cream by WEI, the full size would cost you £74!  So hopefully the sample will last a long time (which it won't because it is super tiny).  I like the motif on the front it is very pretty.  


I am actually quite impressed with my first Birchbox, apart from the tea, there isn't anything that disappointed me and i'm looking forward to trying everything.   I'd be interested in hearing what variations everyone else received so please feel free to leave me a comment below if you received a Birchbox, or what did you think of mine?

oh ps, all these products are available to buy in the shop and there is free shipping for January



Monday, 21 January 2013


I recently received a package from my friend Leslie (Bravenezz) who lives in New York and I have to thank her for including this item in it.  

Josie Says - 'This treatment balm instantly makes lips feel soft, supple, and smooth by restoring your lip's youthful fullness with concentrated doses of natural ingredients'.

Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment is an anti ageing lip conditioner which helps nourish dry chapped lips whilst fighting the appearance of lines. 


The first thing that attracted me to this product is the funky packaging, it looks like a tiny Arabian pot, which makes me think of the film Aladdin.  Lovely plastic pot with a stylish bronze lid.  Definitely has a certain 'je ne sais quoi'.    

Although the packaging is beautiful I have to admit that it would be one for your dressing table as it isn't really 'travel friendly' I would end up losing the lid in the abyss of the bottom of my handbag which would really frustrate me.  It would be great if they did it in a 'chap stick' style too. 

The treatment is rich in natural, organic ingredients which are Paraben free and this product has not been tested on animals.  Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E which is full of anti ageing properties.  


The texture of the balm is very smooth and non sticky, when I applied this to my lips they instantly felt softer and had a nice shine to them.  I loved the smell of this product it reminds me of 'Fruit-tellas' (if you remember those you will know what i'm talking about)  You can use this any time of the day, i've taken to putting it on my lips at bedtime after cleansing and then again in the morning before putting my lipstick on.  


I would definitely recommend trying this out if you can get your hands on it.  I have noticed you can buy it on Ebay for £9 however, I would be wary about it's authenticity as Josie Maran doesn't sell this in the UK.  So my advice would be, if you are organising an international makeup swap with an American Blogger i'd request this item just to try it.  I'm really glad I got to.  I may even be cheeky and ask for another to be sent over when it is finished (don't worry i'd pay for it).  Whilst researching more about this product I found that Sephora is the exclusive beauty retailer for this product - I am so gutted we don't have a Sephora over here.


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sisley Paris - Moisturiser with Cucumber Review

Sisley Crème Hydrante au Concombre 

For Christmas I received Sisley Paris Moisturiser from my Husband, who really, genuinely was clueless when it came to buying a gift for me.  David stresses every year and really goes out of his way and tries very hard to get me something he thinks I will like.  Well,  he really out did himself this year.  

Skin Problems

During 2011/2012 I developed the worst skin problems I have ever suffered.  As a teenager I was quite lucky, I never had a problem with acne however, after having my children karma seems to have come back and kicked my backside.  

Troubled skin has upset me so much and this upset Dave too, he is so caring and knew it was getting me down. 

So, when I opened this gift (and loved it) he explained his reason for buying it. David actually went to the counter and went out of his way to explain the problems I was having with my skin and told the lady how it was getting me down.  He wanted something that would help me.  The beauty consultant recommend this: 

Sisley Paris - Moisturiser

'Hydrates Soothes and nourishes the skin to smooth and comfort.  May be used as a night cream or day cream, with or without makeup'  


The packaging is simple and classy, which I like.  Actually for the price of it I would have thought it would have been a bit flashy, but glad it was not.   It does exactly what it says on the label.  Sisley Moisturiser contains Cucumber extracts which helps treat dehydration in the skin, restoring the natural balance.  


On application the cream feels smooth and I instantly feel the added moisture.   It smells really nice too. Cucumber is rich in amino acids which revitalise the skin.  It isn't too clamy, or sticky, It feels light and has a sense of freshness.  It is a very comfortable daily moisturiser which provides an ideal base for your makeup.  My skin really feels different to what it did before Christmas, I love a few different moisturisers and this one definitely ranks in the top 3. 

Unfortunately, this moisturiser is very expensive, £87 from John Lewis which is quite extravagant.  Though in saying this, the tub will last me a couple of months and I am so convinced by it's worth, I would save up to repurchase it.  I can't say enough positives about it.  

This is the first Sisley Paris product I have ever owned.  In all honesty I have walked passed the counter every time because it screams expensive.    I will definitely give it a chance in the future. 


Thursday, 17 January 2013

ELLIS FAAS Creamy Lips Review - L109 Rusty Pink

ELLIS FAAS Creamy Lips Review - L109 Rusty Pink

One of my more luxurious pieces of makeup in my collection is my Ellis Faas Creamy Lips - Lip Stick.  When I am looking to treat myself to something a little more extravagant I like to buy something from the Ellis Faas range.  

The Ellis lipstick range come under 3 categories defined by texture - Creamy Lips, Milky Lips and Grazed Lips.  I am longing to try the other categories they are certainly on my ever growing 'wish list'.  

ELLIS FAAS 'For classic lipstick definition and long wearing coverage, use soft and velvety Creamy Lips'. '
L109 Rusty Pink

Packaging:  The Ellis Faas Lip Sticks are easily recognised by their signature, stylish packaging, they look like large silver bullets, they really are beautiful.  They have a shower head applicator and turning function at the base to bring the product up to the top.  In my opinion the only negative about the packaging is that you have no idea when you are about to run out, which is no different to the likes of the Touche Éclat, something you can live with for such a nice piece of makeup. 

Ellis lipsticks are Paraben free and contain Vitamin E which leaves your lips feeling moisturised.  I suffer from chapped lips and find I do need to apply a lip balm before hand so the colour sits better and doesn't cling to the dry areas.   

This colour is 'Rusty Pink' which I would describe as not quite pink, not quite red, a happy medium.  I love the 'shower head' style applicator, it helps define the lips perfectly.  I don't find this lipstick at all sticky or tacky.    

These lipsticks are very durable, as with any lipstick you will need to reapply if you have had a few beverages throughout the day however after a coffee, whilst out shopping, for example I find my lipstick stays put.   If I find the lipstick has longevity, I am more likely to repurchase it in the future.  Unfortunately this lipstick is a whopping £22 (from both or Selfridges) to buy so this really would just be for a treat , now and again!


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Winter Reds - most worn Lippies

If you are anything like me you will have a soft spot for a red lip stick.  There is no better excuse than winter to dig out and fashion your favourite red lipsticks.  

This year, this winter my two most worn lipsticks are Sleeks 'Stiletto' and benefit's 'Frenched' 

I received Sleek's True Colour in 'Stiletto' in December's Glossy Box and I was over the moon, if any of you viewed my you tube video of the unveiling of this you will see how excited I was.     This is what I would describe as an everyday red.  It is quite a bright red though the photos make it look a bit rosier than it actually is.  I have received a few compliments when I have worn this out.   It is a matte lipstick so doesn't feel creamy to apply unfortunately, quite solid - if that makes sense.  Though, the staying power is brilliant even after some drinks.  If you want to make your lipstick last a bit longer i'd recommend putting benefits 'plump me up' on as a base before hand.  This will make your lip colour last slightly longer than without it.  

Next we have benefit lipstick in 'Frenched' and out of the two if I had to choose i'd say this is my favourite.  This is a very deep red, i'd describe it as a berry shade. On application this lip stick just glides on it is so smooth and creamy I really like it.  I always feel great when wearing this, it is very WOW!

Do you have a signature red?  How does it make you feel?



100 Day Spending Ban Check In #2

Can it really be a fortnight since the spending challenge started? It seems to have passed very quickly.

Last week, I was completely housebound with sick children, my parents calling in with food rations (bless them they really look after me when my husband is offshore).  I actually didn't leave the house once.  I would never wish for sick children but this did stop me from again doing my late night shopping Thursday ritual.

I did venture out on Saturday but only to the supermarket.  I was extremely good, I planned my trip and only got the essentials needed.  I walked passed the magazine aisle and flicked through Glamour and Cosmo though didn't buy a magazine - the shop assistant was throwing me glowers - can't blame her, it would really annoy me too.

I collected some takeaway pizza for me and my parents and a couple of bottles of wine.  That is as far as my spending went.


I had a lazy day and a 'Downton Abbey' marathon, I don't think I left my bed for long  let alone leave the house.  Naughty I know!


Back to reality, children thankfully well and back to school.  I joined my local 'Curves' gym, I have my first session on Wednesday, weather permitting, we have a lot of snow today.  Afterwards I nipped to the post office to send the last of the Blogmas prizes which are long overdue.

That takes us up to today.   I haven't been near a shop, just catching up on some blogging.  I haven't even added anything to my wish list so it stays the same as last week -

YSL Foundation
Perricone MD No concealer concealer. 

Are you proud of me?  I am. Long may it continue.  Have a couple of hurdles in the coming weeks, husbands birthday, a wedding, engagement party and 30th party - all of which i'd probably treat myself to some new beauty products - it's going to get tough! Oh I nearly forgot to say that this week I have to replace my compact powder and buy a cheaper alternative to my Estée Lauder eye makeup remover and Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo. These are items I find a necessity as per my 'winter empties' post. So they are allowed.



Monday, 14 January 2013

Winter Empties

It occurred to me the other day that I have never done a favourites or empties post...ever.  Well you have to start somewhere right?

So here is my first 'Empties Post'.  

I have been collecting my empties for the last 2 months as the post would have been rather short with only one or two.   
 I now store my empties in this lovely box, keeps things tidy and it stops Dave from getting onto me for 'hoarding rubbish'  he wouldn't quite understand the reasoning behind keeping them so for a simpler life, I have been hiding them here.  
Bio Derma Créaline 
Since October I have been using Bio Derma and I have to say that I am one of 'those' who love it.  I use it daily after I cleanse my face so more a 'back up' makeup remover, it would actually astonish you how dirty your face is still, even after you have cleansed.  I would now call this the holy grail of make up removers.  Unfortunately it isn't easy to come by.  As you know, I am doing the 100 Day Spending Ban so normally I would not be able to repurchase this, however, my sister put some in my stocking that she took home from Italy, so i'm covered - just have to make it last until April.  

Garnier Body
I like to use a tinted body moisturiser all year round, I am very pale and don't like a heavy tan but it is nice to have some colour to my complextion.  I find Garnier Body meets my daily needs and it smells lovely.  With this, I'd recommend exfoliating weekly and reapplying daily.  I bought a new bottle of this   on the run up to Hogmanay, it lasts a long time - I had this particular bottle since my holiday to Crete in April, so you can see yourself it lasts a long time - and it wasn't the largest sized bottle that they do.  Just medium.

Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo Brunette
 I find dry shampoo an essential part of my daily routine, I have quite fine, hair and feel it gets greasy fairly quickly.  Washing your hair everyday, as you know, isn't good so a dry shampoo really helps on the 2nd and 3rd days (if need be) to soak up any excess moisture.  I personally choose to buy the Lee Stafford Brunette to avoid the annoying white dust of other brands, however although it is an essential to me this brand is more luxury than some of the others so when I go to the supermarket this week I will be buying a cheaper version - to keep to the rules of the 'no spending'.  

Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Foundation
At the moment this is my favourite high end foundation.  I had this particular bottle since March last year and it was coming down to it's last drop just before Christmas - I have had it replaced but before the 1st January so no rules have been broken here.   I am only using it at weekends as i'm scared that it will be finished before April if I use it everyday.  I do have other foundations, I wouldn't be in trouble or anything it is just that this particular foundation really sits well on my skin. 

Estée Lauder Eye Make-up Remover
I bought this in the summer last year and it only just ran out this week.  It is of course a luxury product so I can't buy another one until April.    I will be replacing it with a high street brand as It is also a necessity in my opinion.  Eye make up would be far too difficult to remove other wise - unless you have any tips/?

Skin Etica
I love Skin Etica for treating my outbreaks and I have found this brand to be the best to tackle this, I also use this twice a day but I have a few samples left so i'm not in the woods yet. 
L'oreal True Match Powder
This has broken in the compact and needs replacing - this is already a high street brand, I do have a more expensive brand but it cost £26 and I am not using this everyday as it is expensive to replace just for everyday use, I will be allowing myself to replace the L'oreal version. 

Estèe Lauder Day Wear
Another luxury product that i'd say is a staple part of my everyday.  I have other moisturisers I can use so won't be replacing this until later on.  I like the day wear, it isn't to heavy or greasy. I prefer it to the Day Wear Lotion.  In fact I prefer moisturising creams to lotions any day. 

Christian Dior - Nude Concealer
Darn and blast, this is my favourite concealer and it is finished.  It is the best concealer i've ever tried and i'm gutted I can't replace it until April.  I have other concealers so i'll just have to make do.

Urban Decay Eye Primer
This sample sized UD primer lasted me months.  It is one of my favourite primers for eye make up, though I do have others that are just as good so I won't be replacing it just now. 
Well, I think that is everything in the picture - If I have missed an item do let me know.  Were any of these in your empties list this month?     I also welcome recommendations to cheaper alternatives so do leave a comment to let me know.   


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Paul & Joe Powder Compact Foundation

Paul & Joe are not only one of my favourite beauty brands but are the home of my Holy Grail of powder make up.

Sophie Mechaly, a french designer started the men's fashion brand 'Paul  & Joe' after her two sons and, in 2002 Sophie launched 'Paul & Joe Beaute'   

Sophie says  'every product possess luxurious texture and colour that makes each application a pleasure for the skin

I love this brand and what it is about.  

This compact is luxury in your hand and I adore it.  

I have particularly pale skin and the powder sits flawlessly and fuses perfectly with my foundation.  This shade is 100 which is one of the/if not the lightest shade.    

I would describe this powder as light, pretty and versatile.  I would use this everyday if I could but it is £26 so I tend to save it for the weekends as I could not afford to replace it every other month.  I do not object to paying so much for a compact that I trust to be good however, I will not replace my holy grail Loreal Perfect Match for every day because it is so much cheaper to replace. 

The packaging is stunning, I love the signature floral motif on the front - it is also featured within the powder but after one or two applications it soon fades unfortunately.  

I own a few pieces from Paul & Joe which I will review separately. 

It is a weekend treat.  


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

M.A.C Guilty Passions Gift Set

Since I began blogging in August, I have read about M.A.C this and M.A.C that, so much so that I became utterly jealous of anyone who owned M.A.C products.     There is no option to buy this over the counter where I live, yes I could purchase it online but never have so it is my own fault entirely.

Well, for my Christmas my sister bought me my first ever M.A.C product, all hail the Guilty Passions 4 Nicely Nude Lip Gloss Collection!

Each and everyone a delight!

Packaging - the glosses came presented in this cute round pink gift box with a black plastic bow on top, very stylish and will definitely be reused i'm still debating what to put in it because it is so pretty.  

The Glosses

Fashion Whim - is the lightest shade, this is a Cremesheen Glass gloss  which M.A.C say is a 'lip finish that fuses the creamy, sheen-filled nature of Cremesheen Lipstick with the shine of M∙A∙C Lipglass'  .  This colour is a particular favourite of mine out of the pack, it can be used over a nice peach or pink lipstick to give it a bit of something else, an extra sparkle..  

Kiss Don't Tell - this is the dark matte colour in the pack in a dark chocolate shade.  This is also a Cresmesheen Glass gloss and is my favourite for afternoon/evening meeting the girls for shopping and wine lipgloss, as it is quite subtle and is not too ott.  Very nice. 

Tip - If you find that the "Kiss Don't Tell' is too dark for you, try mixing it with Fashion Whim, they blend nicely together  

Satin Slip - this is the next light shade of the pack and it is a Dazzleglas Creme Gloss which M.A.C say - 'Flashing flecks of lustrous glimmer give lips a new kind of high-beam shine, while the balm-effect of the pillow top comfort creme keeps the supple going and going.  For dazzle with absolute comfort''.  The shimmer in this gloss is ideal to spice up your lips whether using it on its own (I can't use nudes on their own as i'm too pale) or as an overcoat to your lipstick. 

Last but not least..

Get Rich Quick (I wish) - This is the prettiest gloss in the box, very glam and excellent for parties and nights out.  In my opinion it is a dark burgundy colour with a purple shimmer through it .. it's actually quite difficult to describe, but the colour doesn't go on heavy it is actually quite sheer once applied and again can be used on its own or to jazz up another lipstick.  This one is a M.A.C Dazzleglass which M.A.C describe as 'Lipcolour that dazzles with light and shine to bring an exciting dimensional pop to your lips'

I love the scent of Get Rich Quick, vanilla.  They all smell nice though.   

The Cremeshene Glass glosses have a normal brush wand however the Dazzleglosses have a doe-foot applicator which is quite hard and has fine bristles - this is my only negative, i'm not a big fan of doe-foot applicators, comes down to personal preferences, I sometimes find them too hard but these aren't too bad. 

I don't find these glosses too sticky which is normally the reason I avoid glosses but these are very nice, and easy to wear.  They keep my lipstick on longer and are perfect for sticking in my hand bag. 

I don't think the gift sets are available anymore as they are sold out on Selfridges website and I can't see them on M.A.C however, M.A.C do sell all these shades along with a huge range of others on their website for £17 each.    

What do you think of these?  Do you have them?  Did you get any M.A.C for Christmas?  


Monday, 7 January 2013

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer is my personal Holy Grail of Foundation Primer.  

Until around about September time, I never actually realised the benefits of priming before your foundation.  I always thought that Moisturising was enough but I would become frustrated 5 hours into the day or when my make up would begin to look either greasy or dry.  Especially on days that I wasn't quite feeling myself, you know the days when your make up just doesn't look right?    

I started reading blogs a little while before starting one myself and the subject of foundation priming would crop up all over the place, I spoke with my mum and sister who also just moisturised but didn't really know to use a primer first.    

My first primer actually came in my first Glossy Box subscription which was the Collection 2000 version,  this one was alright, I felt it made my face feel a wee bit greasy so I stopped using it.   I wasn't really seeing a lot of benefit and nearly reverted back to only moisturiser.  

I go into town nearly every Thursday night - up here in Aberdeen it is the only night that does 'late night shopping'   we are still in the Twilight Zone none of this shopping till 10pm unfortunately (actually that's a lie now, as the new shopping mall is open till 8 daily now, however, It isn't my favourite shopping centre mine is only open till 8 once a week).  

Anyway, to cut a really long story short, i'm almost always in Boots for my make up - I like to collect my points and object to not buying from Boots if I don't have to.  Well, in October Smashbox opened a counter and I was so excited - something different.  I got into a discussion with the beauty assistant about primers and she recommended Photo Finish to me (there were a few different types of primer for different skin types), I decided to give it a whirl.  

Instantly after trying this, I fell for it.   It is a clear gel type liquid (if that is even a thing lol) and I use it religiously after moisturising now, it feels ultra smooth on application and it doesn't have a scent.  I then apply my foundation on top.  What a difference this makes to the look of my skin when the foundation is on, I can honestly say that I hardly ever think my foundation looks terrible now, it is that great.  It definitely extends the wear of my makeup. 

Some days if i'm in a hurry I may forget to put this on, it isn't until after the foundation is applied that I think 'oh crud'.  It is those days that I don't like my make up, perhaps it is psychological because I forgot the primer but I doubt it. 

I believe they have a new one out which is similar -  Photo Finish Dark Spot Correcting. 

I bought the full size 30mls for £25 in Boots, but what the sneaky minx - beauty assistant failed to mention was I could actually buy a travel size version for 12mls at £12.50  which I think is a good price as it lasts ages and you only need a pea sized amount - why pay £25 each to their own I suppose. 

This is the reason that Smashbox Photo Finish is my holy grail of primers - What is yours?


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Neve Cosmetics French Royalty Mineral Blushes

Recently, myself and Georgina (Makeup Pixi3) arranged a very successful Secret Santa but we also took part ourselves having each other as partners.  I adored the gifts I received and instead of doing one big SS post thought I'd break it down and review each item piece by piece. 

Neve Cosmetics French Royalty Mineral Blushes

I received two gorgeous Mineral Blushes by Neve Cosmetics which I have been using a lot of recently as the colours are really nice and are nicely pigmented.  
'Noblesse' the darker shade is a Pink with a Lilac Satin
'Boudoir' the lightest shade is a light Peach colour with a Mauve Satin.

Each blush has a subtle shine to it which is ideal for the cheekbones and adds a touch of va-vaoom

I have to say that I would normally avoid mineral blushes because i'm quite a mucky pup and the residue normally gets everywhere, however I really, really adore these and i'm just being extra careful not to get them all over my bedroom carpet.  

A company that stocks Neve Cosmetics are cutECOsmetics. cutECOsmetics are dedicated to providing you with Eco Beauty products which are organic, vegan and 100% cruelty free.  I adore the products that they stock have never bought anything but have had certain bits and pieces on my wish list for a while but now I own some 'Neve' so really pleased.  

These mineral blushes are 100% natural :-
'No preservatives, silicones, glycerin or petrolatum.
Wet and dry formula
Lip safe
Vegan Friendly
formulated to reduce the risk of allergies and fragrance free.
Made in Italy
cruelty free: tested on makeup artists, not on animals!'

Thank you very much for giving me these for Christmas Georgina, I love them xx


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year Out Fit and Make up

Hello lovelies, again, Happy New Year to you all!

Thought i'd do a quick last minute post to show you last nights out fit and make up choices.

I arranged for a group of us to go to a gala dinner at a place called 'The Albyn' in Aberdeen it is just lovely.  The dress code was smart casual so I decided to wear the birthday dress I never got to wear.  It is a lacey bodycon dress from Phase 8. Was SERIOUSLY figure hugging and I had to wear some gigantic shape wear underneath - It is safe to say that I could bearly breathe all night - especially after the 5 course dinner we consumed.   Was very tasty though.

My hair was simple, I just straightened it and I put 3 small plaits down the right hand side which you actually can't see in this pic.

Make up
Base - Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation, YSL Touche Eclat, Loreal Perfect Match Powder
Blush- NARS Orgasm
Bronzer - Barry M
Highlighter - the balm Mary Lou Manizer
Eyes - Sleek Ultra Matte Pallete - Dark Brown, White and Black
NARS Liquid Eyeliner, YSL Shocking, Mascara, Brow Zings eye kit.
Lips - Sleek - Stilleto

Hope you all had a great time too.   MWA MWA
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benefit 'Stay Don't Stray'

Firstly let me start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR GORGEOUS!   If you are anything like me you will be hungover today but alas twas a good night!  Hope you all had fun.

To kick start the New Year I would like to bring to your attention benefit's 'Stay Don't Stray' Eyelid Primer.

My husband treated me to some benefit make up this Christmas and the consultant must have been flirting with him because she threw in loads of samples... I don't mind.

I received 3 samples of this primer and I have been using it since Christmas day.  It is really, really similar to the Urban Decay one and I'd say just as great. 

Apply 3 dots on your eyelid and blend.  Let it set for a second before applying your eyeshadow.  This can also be used as a primer for concealer.   

I can honestly say hand on heart, that my eyeshadow has never looked better, even at the end of the day. 

It is what it is - a primer so there isn't much I can say other than it's fantastic, I recommend it, go buy it! 

I have been using the Too Faced version for a while but I think I will be purchasing this one from now on. 

This is obviously a sample, the full size bottle retails at £19.50 for which you will receive 10 mls of product and comes in a bottle with a pump head.  

Very happy.

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