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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Blogmas Day 13 - Rebel Nails Festive Wraps

Today, I bring to you Rebel Nails - Nail Wraps.

I have been purchasing nail wraps from 'Rebel Nails' for over a year now - after a long period of my 20s wearing falsies.  These are far cheaper, last double the time and are super easy to apply.  

I ordered these pretties last week (and tonight I though I better stock up on some more).  

Obviously since it is Christmas time, I opted for some lovely festive wraps which I just adore.  Rebel Nails stock an extensive selection of wraps for all times of the year. 
How to apply

Always, always apply to dry & clean nails

Select suitable size for each nail using the template provided and place over the nail with the CURVED end to cuticle

Buff nails well especially sides and edges.  Peel nails from backing holding only the straight edge TIP (avoid touching curved end)

Place curved end as close as possible to the cuticle without touching the skin

Gently pull excess wrap over the nail tip - press and smooth with thumb to avoid creasing

File excess using downward strokes at 45 degree angle.  Remove excess as soon as free.  

For longer lasting results - apply a little heat to the wraps using a hairdryer and remove creases by applying pressure to the nail   

Voila, gorgeous, festive nails for Christmas, I can't wait to try out my glittery penguin ones.  

Be warned, everyone will be after your nail wraps - even your 3 year old sons :-)

Hope you enjoy and give them a try. 

You can visit Rebel Nails here

Love Laura xx


  1. These look so cool! Love the print on them!

    1. Thanks they are lovely. There is a few to choose from on their website xx

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