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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo Dark

Let me tell you a bit about my hair - It is very fine, but there is a lot of it!  It has a natural kink to it and it gets seriously oily over night.  I feel like i need to wash it everyday which is actually terrible for you hair as it gets rid of the natural goodness within.  That combined with daily blow drying and straightening is just a disaster.  

For a while now a staple part of my toilet bag has been a dry shampoo, and I go through these like toilet paper (sorry I couldn't think of a classier metaphor lol).  And I just had to do a blog post about my most recent Dry Shampoo Favourite - Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo - Dark .  I had been looking for something like this since dying my hair brown for a while.
I literally use this every other day now and I just love it.  Because it is for dark hair it sprays a dark liquid (obvious I suppose)  so no more trying to get rid of white dust.    I section my hair off, spray onto the roots and then vigorously massage this in all over, as if i'm shampooing in a sense.   I'm not exagerating in the slightest when I say that this really makes a huge difference to my oily roots, Its as if the spray absorbs the oils at the roots and dries them out, giving my hair more bounce again.  I have even taken to no straightening on the second day and let the natural waves in my hair bounce away.  

What Lee Says - 
'Spray from about 16cm/ 6 inches onto the root area that needs revitalising then vigorously rub away the powder with your fingers... girl you are ready to go without having to blow'  

They also do the Original and I believe there is also a spry for Mid Brown hair too.  

This smells gorgeous too have had a lot of compliments about my hair smelling nice and that is down to this. 

I bought mine from Boots for £5.49  my only criticism is that I wish that it came in a bigger can 150 mls just does not seem to be enough.  May be you know differently.. Is there a bigger can?   If so please let me know! 

Love Laurzie xxx


  1. Thank you for my comment lovley :)

    As if Lee stafford did dry shamppo?
    I must have a look in Boots next time I'm in, I need some more.

  2. Omg I bought this dry shampoo, thanks your review is really helpful! Btw is this easy to wash out?

  3. Omg I bought this dry shampoo, thanks your review is really helpful! Btw is this easy to wash out?


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