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Monday, 19 November 2012

Inside Selfridges Lucky Bag

Last week, I blogged about the launch of Selfridges Lucky Bag (which are currently out of stock).  There were only 1000 of these bags available and I was chuffed to be able to get one since I missed out on the Beauty Box previously.  

My Lucky Bag arrived on Friday, which was really quick delivery since I only opted for standard. 

When it arrived, I was so excited that I just ripped it open.  

This is what I got:

2x Nails Inc. Miniatures 4ml, anatomicals 'snog me senseless' mints, Duck Lip Balm, St Tropez everyday body moisturiser, Eyebrow Shape Gift Card, Nail Art - Correction Pen

First up, St Tropez Grandual Tan.  50ml this retails at £8.00.  I am pleased with this, I like St Tropez and this everyday body moisturiser will come in handy during the winter months giving you a gradual tan.  I probably would have been the shade light to medium but I don't think it will do me any harm to try the medium to dark provided. 

This little duck is a lip balm.  I have never seen something like this in my life.  It retails at £2.49 but Selfridges do not sell this on their website, whether they do in store, I have no idea but to be honest this is not what I expected from Selfridges.  It's fun but tacky.  I will use it as I suffer from chapped lips a lot but wouldn't have thought this would come in a Selfridges bag. Oh well!  
Very Cherry.  smells lovely, tastes of nothing...

I was absolutely delighted with these varnishes as I love Nails Inc.  These are the miniatures - 4ml per one. And they come in at £5.00 each.   I love Jermyn Street the best but i'm also partial to bright pink now and again so Notinghill Date is also a winner. 

I'm actually really disappointed with this. Out of anything from the anatomicals range they decided to give their buyers Mints?  Come on Selfridges you could have done better than this.  I could have understood the likes of Superdrug (not in anyway dissing Superdrug, I happen to love that shop) including this in there lucky bags and I wouldn't have been disappointed but I did not expect to receive this from one of the most exclusive retailers out there.  FAIL.  

Trying to think of something positive - I like the packaging it is really cute.  They are only £2.49 to buy but again these are not on the Selfridges website.  

Nail Art Correction Pen £4.95 - I actually like this product it will come in very handy as I really don't have a steady hand when it comes to applying my nail varnish

Blink -Eyebrow Shape Gift Card - This can be redeemed in any of the 4 Selfridges Stores - Oxford Street, The Bullring - Birmingham, Manchester Exchange Sq and Manchester Trafford.  This would be quite good but I live in Aberdeen so will have no use for this.  Does anyone want it?  If so tweet me @laurziecooper and I will post this to you for free. 

Overall I think I definitely got my monies worth with this as the bag itself was only £15. I did have higher expectations from Selfridges given the quality of their Beauty Boxes.  I however, after reading some other reviews on this bag do not think that I got the worst bag - I have seen some crackers out there which were diabolical. 

Did you get this bag?  Were you a lucky winner of the £150 gift card?  What did you get?

Love to hear from you 

Laurzie xxx

NOTE  - The Gift Card has now gone, glad it's going to someone who can actually use it xx



  1. Liked the nail polishes really nice colors I agree with you on the lip gloss I would think they would add something like that though it is cute :)

    Cool items though :)

  2. *stamps feet and screams and shouts*


    (sorry) ;)

    I wasn't overly impressed with the bits I got have to admit - I brought 2 (yup stupid me) and to be honest the only redeeming thing was the liptar - I mean tissues, and cologne sweets o.0.

    1. oh my you bought 2! And got no duck awww!! If I hadn't already opened mine you could have had it lol

  3. I bought one too, glad I'm not the only one who thought Selfridges could have done a little better with this one. I got an OCC lip-tar, an Eve Lom face mask, an anatomicals lip balm, a Ren body wash, nail caviars and another face-mask. I did pretty good but some of the brands used did seem a little cheap.

    Great review :) x


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