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Thursday, 22 November 2012

A Makeup-Pixi3 Christmas Tag

Oh, thank goodness it is Thursday, I have been so tired this week.  To liven myself up a bit I thought I would do something fun, and what's more fun than a normal makeup tag?  A Christmas Tag!  Yay!

The lovely Makeup-Pixi3 created this fabby Christmas Tag and very kindly tagged me to do it!

Click here to read Makeup-Pixi3 answers :-)

Q.   What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
Christmas is my all time favourite Holiday.  I love everything about Christmas and I particularly love the run up to it, i'm not one of these crazy people who has their Tree up in November but I am one of those annoying people who keeps it up too long into January.  If I had to choose a particular favourite thing, it would be spending quality time with all my family and having a giggle with some vino and lots of food.  

Q.   What’s your favourite makeup look for the festive season?
I would say ruby red lips and smoky eyes. 

Q.   Real tree or fake tree?
Unfortunately, I prefer a fake tree in my house.  Don't get me wrong I think the real deal is beautiful but I have OCD when it comes to fluff, or crumbs etc on my carpets, It absolutely drives me wild. I am person who has their hoover out 3 times daily and unfortunately that is no exaggeration.  So basically I could not cope with all the pine needles, the thought actually makes me anxious. 

Q.   Giving presents or receiving presents?
Absolutely the giving of presents - I love to see the look on the persons face when they open something - especially if it is something that they really wanted.  Apparently I am the worst person to buy for - Have you ever seen Rachel from Friends receive a gift - that's me.  I was a right brat when I was younger.  I am not too bad now. Thankfully!  

Q.   Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?

Christmas morning as I have 2 little boys who always have me up at the crack of dawn.  I'm impatient when it comes to presents I always want to open them when I'm given them, luckily my husband patience and he doesn't allow me to. So I go in a strop for a while lol.  He is right though it is far better to have more presents on Christmas morning.  I always regret it otherwise. 

Q.   Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
I love to buy handmade cards for my nearest and dearest but have absolutely no time to do this myself. 

Q.   What’s your favourite Christmas film?
My all time favourite Christmas film is Miracle on 34th Street - the original, then a Wonderful Life and of course no Christmas would be complete without watching ELF at least TWICE!!  

Q.   What’s your favourite Christmas food?
This is a good question.  
I love a Mince pie and a Caramel Macchiato when out doing my Christmas shopping.  
The best bit of the Christmas Main Course is the Stuffing.
And my all time favourite pudding is Trifle  

To do this post I tag:

Tales of a Pale Face
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I could sit here all day tagging people literally as there are so many of you I'd love to.  So if you are reading this - TAG YOU'RE IT!

Please link you answers back to me, gives me some lovely evening reading - Also please mention Makeup-pixi3 as the source of this tag in your post. xx

Love Laura

ps you are welcome to use the images above. x


  1. Loving this, thanks for doing it :) Congrats on over 300 followers too - you'll overtake me in no time! :)


  2. Really cool ill do this tomorrow since its thanks giving today here in the US there is a lot of turkeys in the oven and a lot of cooking going on :)

  3. Heyy, I nipped over from Sarah's blog and have just been procrastinating uni work for a little while browsing your blog, would love a follow back, am to the blogging world!

    Nin xx

  4. I'm loving this tag Laura - just popped over from Sasha's post over on Ramblings of a Beauty Bird. Making me feel really festive - I may well join in if that's ok! x

  5. Love this tag!! Even talking about christmas gets me excited! Will def be doing this tag over the weekend xx


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