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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Selfridges and Co Luxury Miniature Advent Calendar

My Christmas Present to myself has come early and i'm so gutted I have more or less 2 months to wait till I can open this.  Keep your eyes peeled will be opening it day by day on here.

Get yours now. 

Laurzie xxx


  1. Awww wow that looks awesome!! :D

    Jen xxx

  2. I WANT this, I just don't think I can justify the price! How on earth are you going to be able to keep that until December without opening it?!!! x

    1. I know £82 is ALOT but you get a lot for the money when you see what is included. I missed out on their Beauty Box and this calendar last year I decided to put some money aside to get it. I wanted to open it when it arrived this morning. I am tempted to open it all right now but I better be good. Will be interesting to see if I last till December. Are you going to get one, if you do let me know! xx

  3. No don't open it now - save until December! What a great idea - looking forward to seeing your Advent posts! Also just wanted to let you know I've tagged you for the Laine Blogger Award - have a gander at mine if you fancy it but don't worry if not! xx

  4. This looks amazing, I might have to purchase one! Bring on December with treats like that!!

    Lana, xo

  5. This is cool, don’t open it ;) you're going to have some many treats this Christmas, cool!!

  6. WOW calender looks AMAZING!


  7. Ooh, I want one but really, really (trying to convince myself, saying it over and over) can't justify it. Yay to you, opening it with us each day! :)


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