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Friday, 5 October 2012

Random Haul :-)

Yesterday I went a bit mad on a shopping Haul!!

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Pink Peony 09 - for every one of these bought £5 goes breast cancer research. So wonderful

YSL Top Secret Flash Radiance Skin Care Brush

Touche Express Eye Illuminating Pen

Top Shop Brighten Pen - must say this is AS good as YSL & Dior's Touche éclat 

Top Shop Lips - Ooo La la

YSL Forever Face Serum (free Sample)

Top Shop Louise Gray Mascara 

Causing a stir (peach) Awol (blue)

Fake Bake Mousse and Vichy Face Spritzer

Too Faced 'Candle Light' Eye Shadow Primer (love it)

REN Radiance Renewal Mask & Serum
I did try this last night, It stinks but my face really felt refreshed afterwards however - i'm personally not going to use the serum again, it nipped the hell out of my skin and left it really irritated.  So be warned.

Hope you liked my Haul, I will review these more in debth over the course of the month.  I also You Tubed this Haul where I have gone into more detail so please click here to have a look and let me know what you think 



  1. Rather a large haul! Going to have to try out the Top Shop Brighten pen now - that Bobbi Brown Blush looks fantastic! x

  2. I love all off it great haul :) I love the Bobbi Brown Blush it looks so pretty, did it come with the brush? I heard Bobbi Brown brushes are really good. The lipstick looks really pretty too and I love the Nail Polish colors really nice. Let us know how you liked the Mascara and the Toofaced eye shadow primer?

    1. Yep it came with the blush. I am wearing the primer and mascara again today and I love it. x

  3. What a great haul!! I'm loving the lipstick and the BB blush, such a pretty color.

  4. oohhh you always have the most awesome hauls :) im coming to your town to shop from now on :p i love the look of the Shadow Insruance, ive never tried it before but ive heard nothing but fabulous things about it. enjoy all of your goodies!

  5. Oooh was that the John Lewis REN set? I got that a little while ago but i love the serum, my skin feels firm but soft and not tight when i use it :D

    1. Hi, yeah I got it in John Lewis. I may try the serum again but it was a bit stingy but then I have sensitive skin x

  6. Great Blog,I really want to try YSL's touche e'clat!

    Livvy x

  7. Great haul you picked up lots of products I've had my eye on for a bit can't wait to find out how you like them :)

  8. Quite a haul! Glad to see the Topshop illuminating concealer is as good as the YSL as have been on the lookout for a cheaper alternative. Love Topshop makeup!
    Mel x

  9. so jealous! these all look amazing! New follower from the hop :)

  10. wow great haul! what's the Louise Gray mascara like?


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