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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

MUA Pretty Pastels Review

I have read so many great reviews about the MUA Eyeshadow Palettes - so a while  ago I decided to invest in a couple and was so chuffed to find that they were so cheap - £4!  

Many of you will know of my unhealthy love of high end products but I must say I am trying to cut down my spending and investigating new high street products.  my friend the Makeup Pixi gave me a list of some great ones so I've got a couple which I will be reviewing soon.
I decided to purchase Pretty Pastels, Glamour Days (haven't tried the Glamour Days yet) and Undressed  (the undressed palette arrived broken - not happy) for myself and I treated Tasha over at Belezakisses to the 'Dusk Till Dawn' - she can't get MUA over in the States,  so look out for her review after she receives it.
I chose the pastel palette because I have quite an extensive range of 'night time' eyeshadows but not so many neutral tones for day wear. In this palette you get 12 stunning highly pigmented shades ranging from yellow, peaches to purples.  

My favourite shades are the Purple, Turquoise and Pink.  I like how you are provided with matte shades as well as some with a bit of shimmer when you are in the mood to jazz things up.  I must apologise for the quality of the above swatches.  The lighting just didn't want to be friends with my camera yesterday when I was taking them.


Packaging 5/5
Price 5/5
Colours 5/5

Would I buy again?  Yes definitely!  

What MUA Palettes do you own?

Love Laurzie xxx



  1. I actually have this palette too, it's the least of my favs, I'm just too pale for it :p

    1. I see your point about the pale thing as i'm pretty pale too but I fake tan a lot lol. x

  2. My favourite is the undressed palette. What a shame that your's arrived broken :(

    1. yeah i was disappointed.. Luckily it wasn't totally destroyed I probably have about 7 of the 12 Shades. I was going to return it but my toddler opened it lol..

  3. Wow! For pastel colors they have really good pigment to them.
    You are so sweet for sending me a palette! Can't wait to review it.


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