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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

International Make Up Swap

Hi every body! I'm writing to tell you tonight about the amazing make up swap I have had with Leslie Hernandez of Bravenezz Blog.  Leslie and I have been talking for over a month now, almost everyday and we quickly decided on doing a make up swap.  Leslie lives in New York and I am in Scotland.

As you can see above the tremendous amount of goodies Leslie sent me.  I love love love them all, if you click the link above you will see what I sent her.  Please check out her blog she is a beautiful girl with a generous heart. 

I am going to now show you the pictures of what was in my box!!!  

Buxom Lash Bare Escentuals Mascara (love this)  You can see me applying this on my latest You Tube vid 
NYC Lip Gloss (see You Tube vid)

I am a big fan of trying new hair products so excited to use this


Some Gorge Samples! 
An absolutely stunning Fossil Purse - I am totally spoiled and I have started using it already

EOS Lip Balm which I am in love with and some Facial Wipes

Here we have St Ives Apricot Scrub, bare Minerals Foundation Primer (can't wait to try this) Shea Butter hand cream (Shea Butter is one of my all time favourite scents for hand cream so was utterly delighted with this) NYC Mascara (again cannot wait to try this out)

This is totally cool as I don't have any Stilla products and I have never seen this sort of sample before 10 shades to try! Samples but they will last ages!!!

This is so cute - highlighter for eyes, cheeks etc!!

I requested this Blush by Physicians Formula - you can't get this in the UK and its awesome.  Comes with a mirror and a brush and this is said to have a chemical in it that makes you happy when you wear it.  I also got the lipstick to match which I totally adore, I don't have a photo of it yet as it is in my car but I plan on doing a review on it. I have done a You Tube vid of this swap but I am still in the process of editing it. 

Gorgeous compact Mirror 

She is such a darling - she even included my kids - they were thrilled! 
Sephora Lip Treatment in Sugar Rose

Love this blush, can't wait to use it!

As you can see I have been totally totally spoiled! Thank you so much!!

This was great thing to take part in, like Leslie said on her post  a little nerve wracking but mostly exciting.

We are already planning our Christmas Boxes!

Love ya!

PS I HAVE JUST REMEMBERED I DIDNT INCLUDE THE 3 STUNNING NAIL POLISHES!!  I will review these and stick them up tomorrow.. What a doughnut!

Laurzie xxx


  1. wow what an amazing swap! you got some lovely things, I love the eos lip balm, I use mine all the time! :) xxx

  2. Awww such a lovely swap and I absolutely love how she packaged the box. I've also never seen a sample like the stila one, very cool! Subbed to your youtube channel and I'm loving the scottish accent lass :)

    1. Thanks, Yeah i was really spoilt xxxWill check out your blog too x

  3. Wow, it must have been so much fun opening that lot!

  4. Awww Im glad you liked everything :)

  5. Aww, amazing, and how sweet of her to pop some lollies in for the kids!
    I would love to do a swap, there are so many great products in the States that we just can't get here. Looking forward to reading some of your reviews on what you received.
    Mel xx


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