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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Barry M Natural Dazzle Matt Bronzing Powder

As I mentioned in my 'Pretty Pastels' post I have decided to curb my high end make up addiction and swap it with affordable good quality high street brands.  I spend an absurd amount on cosmetics and toiletries a month, I can't help myself and it is getting me into trouble with hubby.

I was given a list of recommendations from one of my blogging besties Georgina, she really knows her stuff so I appreciate the advice she gives me. PS check her webpage out.

As you can see from the picture on the left, my first budget beauty review is on 'Natural Dazzle' by BarryM.

This is a Matt Bronzing Powder.  I love a bit of bronzer especially in the winter months to keep a healthy glow to my face because I am so pale.

I normally use a bit of fake tan too but that can start to look like i've been tangoed so like more of a natural look.

This is a pretty compact and quite a generous size you get 10g of quite pigmented product for £5.99 which will last a long time.
I love the design on the front with  the floral motif.

At first glance the colour of this looks pretty one dimensional block brown/plummy colour but when you stroke your finger over it to swatch it gives off a pretty browny gold colour with the tiniest hint of shimmer.

I am really into contouring at the moment, I have been watching a lot of Wayne Goss on YouTube and have been attempting to copy some of his contouring techniques.  

This bronzer is not only perfect just as it is  -a bronzer - but also makes a great colour for contouring before you apply your foundation.  I have been putting quite a dark line of this down the cheekbones, down the sides of my nose and a little on the side of my temple.  The effect once blended with highlighter, foundation and set with powder is really pretty.  I recommend you give this a try and if you don't understand what i've just said google gossmakeupartist contouring. 

3 words to sum this up - Perfect, Subtle, Quality

What do you think have you tried it?


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

MUA Pretty Pastels Review

I have read so many great reviews about the MUA Eyeshadow Palettes - so a while  ago I decided to invest in a couple and was so chuffed to find that they were so cheap - £4!  

Many of you will know of my unhealthy love of high end products but I must say I am trying to cut down my spending and investigating new high street products.  my friend the Makeup Pixi gave me a list of some great ones so I've got a couple which I will be reviewing soon.
I decided to purchase Pretty Pastels, Glamour Days (haven't tried the Glamour Days yet) and Undressed  (the undressed palette arrived broken - not happy) for myself and I treated Tasha over at Belezakisses to the 'Dusk Till Dawn' - she can't get MUA over in the States,  so look out for her review after she receives it.
I chose the pastel palette because I have quite an extensive range of 'night time' eyeshadows but not so many neutral tones for day wear. In this palette you get 12 stunning highly pigmented shades ranging from yellow, peaches to purples.  

My favourite shades are the Purple, Turquoise and Pink.  I like how you are provided with matte shades as well as some with a bit of shimmer when you are in the mood to jazz things up.  I must apologise for the quality of the above swatches.  The lighting just didn't want to be friends with my camera yesterday when I was taking them.


Packaging 5/5
Price 5/5
Colours 5/5

Would I buy again?  Yes definitely!  

What MUA Palettes do you own?

Love Laurzie xxx


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Halloween make up

Tutorial will follow.

Thursday, 25 October 2012


If you subscribe to She Said Beauty and/or Glossy Box (I subscribe to both) then you may recognise these items. I can't remember which product came with which but I'm really happy that I got to try them.

Skin Etica is a an anti blemish solution which you use on your skin after you have thoroughly removed your make up etc and you do not rinse off. This process to be repeated every 12 hours. I have been using this at night time.

B.Liv Off With Those Heads is quite self explanatory really, it is a black head treatment.

Since my boxes arrived at the beginning of October I have been using these products religiously as my skin has been in a really bad state. I use Etica over the outbreaks and B.Liv over my T-Zone. In all honestly the difference in my acne is quite remarkable. I only wish I'd taken before and after pictures.

I still have scaring from the spots because I can't help squeezing them but my skin is visibly clearer and the redness has dyed down.

Unfortunately these are sample sizes and I'm running out. I am off to google the fuller size products because I feel they compliment each other and seem to be working for me.

Laurzie xxx


Monday, 22 October 2012

Some beautiful gifts

A couple of weeks ago I was really lucky to win Kim and Tashas international giveaway!  So was really excited when my box of goodies arrived!  Please check out their blogs they are really lovely girls.

Also thank you so so much, the goodies are lovely!!

Gorgeous Soy Candle smells absolutely lush and in the cutest packaging tin ever.  I love a bit of leopard print!

Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss - this smells gorgeous - I love the smell of peach. Especially Peach Melba.  It also has a wonder full sheer tint to it.  Ideal for daily wear and it leaves your lips feeling really moisturised.  The packaging really appeals to me I love purples and peaches they are my favourite colours and the style of writing on the gloss - this may sound odd but it's really inviting to me as a consumer so if I saw this in town i'd be drawn to it. 

This is a lovely little lip gloss duo by Ulta, I think this must be just an American brand as I have never heard of them before, either way the glosses are really lovely and they come with a little applicator ideal for your handbag. 

Next up we have this stunning wristlet by 'deux lux'.  OMG I absolutely adore it, I have again never heard of them and wish I could get more of their stuff here.   It is the cutest little bag with a decent amount of space to accommodate your make up - would make an ideal make up bag for when i'm on the go, or as a mini bag when I go out.  It is brown leather with a handle attached to the side, lovely wicker effect with a chunky gold coin to zip closed.
The inside is a lovely purple satin - which is actually a lot brighter than this but the camera on my flash has made it look a bit darker.  It is completed by the logo on the inside - its very elegant with a great finish. So chuffed to bits.

This is a lovely orangey coloured lip gloss which really does taste spicy.  This is by Philosophy and I also love this brand so excited to wear this product out.  A really really Autumn shade.  

I'm in love with these Nail Wraps by OPI so ideal for the beginning of the party season!  They are gorgeous. 

Finally I am absolutely thrilled to bits with this Maybelline 24 hr Colour Tattoo - I have been envious of blog posts raving about these for a while now.  I didn't own any until now.  This is in No300 - Gold Shimmer and has the most beautiful pigment of colour - I cannot wait to try this out - especially with my Halloween party this weekend!! 
 Thanks again to both Kim and Tasha for the giveaway prizes i'm so happy with them.

Now... one last thing.  Tasha is an absolute honey!  I was having a bit of moan on Twitter recently about how upset I have been with the condition of my skin at the moment and the most horrendous outbreaks i've been having that refuse to leave.  Well, Tasha recommended the product below to me but I can't get it here.. Well she only went and bought me some - what a Star and that was so so kind.  I'm really looking forward to giving this a go and see if it helps.  Thank you thank you thank you!!

Well my lovelies, thats the lot for this evening I think - unless I get a sudden boost of energy to do another post - I have so many reviews that need to be done just struggling to find the time when Hubby is home as he likes to have the families attention when he is off work - which is only natural.. so there will be plenty of blogging catch up next week for me.

Hope you are all well.  Drop me a line if you like these products and remember to view Kim and Tasha's blogs.  xxx

Love as always

Laurzie xxx

Monday, 15 October 2012

Blonde be gone - Winter is here

Over the past 2 years I have been getting my hair highlighted and more recently bleached all over but to be honest as much as I've loved being blonde it was proving an expensive up keep.  Plus my hair has been getting dryer and dryer.

Well I decided to bite the bullet and revert back to brown - though I did do DIY, next time I will go to the hairdressers.   I am so impatient and I really didn't like the colour of blonde that was in my hair after the last visit. 
I decided to go for Loreal's Creme Excellence in 5.15 Natural Iced Brown

I usually opted for this brand back in the day when I always DIY dyed my hair.  Very easily to apply - just shampoo on and wait 30 minutes. 

I am actually really pleased with the result.  Its  very warm velvety shade of brown and I think because my hair was so light before it took really well and it is multi-tonal due to the different shades of blondes that were in there. 

I did love being blonde but think I have made the right decision for now, let my hair repair itself and in turn my bank balance should look healthier too.

What do you think?

Plus what colours have you tried out?  By the way before I was blonde I was Jet Black.  


Friday, 12 October 2012

the Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighting Powder

the Balm Mary Lou Manizer Highlighting Powder for cheeks and eyes.  I received this product in my international makeup swap package, and so far I just love it.

This comes in another size as part of a mirror compact which you can buy from this website and it retails at £12.

My particular one comes in the sweetest packaging which from the outside looks like a little book and then you open it to see your highlighting powder.  

This can be used as a highlighter and/or eye shadow.  From the pictures above you can see I have applied some under my eyebrows just above the brow bone and I have also blended some into my make up under my eye.  It is subtle but effective.  The shimmer diffuses light on your skin to give it a glow.

This is a really nice product and sits on the skin nicely.  I have never seen it anywhere but I did find it here to buy.

Have you ever tried this?

Laurzie xx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

International Make Up Swap

Hi every body! I'm writing to tell you tonight about the amazing make up swap I have had with Leslie Hernandez of Bravenezz Blog.  Leslie and I have been talking for over a month now, almost everyday and we quickly decided on doing a make up swap.  Leslie lives in New York and I am in Scotland.

As you can see above the tremendous amount of goodies Leslie sent me.  I love love love them all, if you click the link above you will see what I sent her.  Please check out her blog she is a beautiful girl with a generous heart. 

I am going to now show you the pictures of what was in my box!!!  

Buxom Lash Bare Escentuals Mascara (love this)  You can see me applying this on my latest You Tube vid 
NYC Lip Gloss (see You Tube vid)

I am a big fan of trying new hair products so excited to use this


Some Gorge Samples! 
An absolutely stunning Fossil Purse - I am totally spoiled and I have started using it already

EOS Lip Balm which I am in love with and some Facial Wipes

Here we have St Ives Apricot Scrub, bare Minerals Foundation Primer (can't wait to try this) Shea Butter hand cream (Shea Butter is one of my all time favourite scents for hand cream so was utterly delighted with this) NYC Mascara (again cannot wait to try this out)

This is totally cool as I don't have any Stilla products and I have never seen this sort of sample before 10 shades to try! Samples but they will last ages!!!

This is so cute - highlighter for eyes, cheeks etc!!

I requested this Blush by Physicians Formula - you can't get this in the UK and its awesome.  Comes with a mirror and a brush and this is said to have a chemical in it that makes you happy when you wear it.  I also got the lipstick to match which I totally adore, I don't have a photo of it yet as it is in my car but I plan on doing a review on it. I have done a You Tube vid of this swap but I am still in the process of editing it. 

Gorgeous compact Mirror 

She is such a darling - she even included my kids - they were thrilled! 
Sephora Lip Treatment in Sugar Rose

Love this blush, can't wait to use it!

As you can see I have been totally totally spoiled! Thank you so much!!

This was great thing to take part in, like Leslie said on her post  a little nerve wracking but mostly exciting.

We are already planning our Christmas Boxes!

Love ya!

PS I HAVE JUST REMEMBERED I DIDNT INCLUDE THE 3 STUNNING NAIL POLISHES!!  I will review these and stick them up tomorrow.. What a doughnut!

Laurzie xxx

Sunday, 7 October 2012

World Wide Secret Santa

Hello my lovelies

I love love love Christmas, it is my favourite time of year and with it fast approaching myself and Georgina over at Makeup-Pixi3 have decided to team up and do a World-Wide Secret Santa!!  We are totally excited about this and we are thrilled to launch this idea to you all today!

Hopefully you will all love this idea as much as we do and if you are interested in taking part all you need to do is follow the rules below.


Finally to help promote the world wide secret santa swap and to show you are taking part:

right click and save this picture, put it on the side of your blog and link it back so if others are interested they will know how to take part too

Should you have any other questions regarding this you can also leave a comment below.  


We will not be held responsible for individuals not sending their packages out on time, all parties are trusted to uphold their end of the agreement.

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