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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

#What's in your Shower?

Hello, everyone, hope Wednesday has been good to you.  

I have been meaning to post all day but have been having computer issues and they have been driving me crazy!!  

So I have just sat down to catch up with Friends on Comedy Central - with a cup of tea and decided to write. 

I thought I would have a bit of fun and do a 'What's in your shower' tag Because I personally love reading posts like this, and also because I am a bit of a nosey parker. 


This is what is in mine...

My little selection of goodies

 First up we have 'Duck'  I picked duck up on my first weekend away with my new boyfriend back in 2006 - The boyfriend who is actually now my Husband courtesy of 2008.   We stayed in the Apex Hotel in the Grass Market Edinburgh.  We had a lovely few days away visiting the sites and plenty of shopping. 

 This is my Philips lady shave, I quite frankly wouldn't use anything else, I am lazy and I can' be bothered with all the faffing about with shaving gels, this is water proof and legs are done in a mater of minutes. 

This is Dove Intensive Repair hair mask.  I use this once a month to give my hair a deep cleanse.  I massage it into my hair from my roots right down to the ends and I leave it on for 10 minutes after shampooing before rinsing with warm water.   My hair is noticeably softer and volumised afterwards.

Here we have my selection of face washes.  Depending on how my skin is feeling on any particular day influences which one I use in the morning.. I am sure you are all the same.  from left to right we have

Neutrogena Visible Clear Pink Grapefruit daily scrub
I use this if I have woken up feeling a bit bleurgh!  In the mornings, especially if I have had a bad out break of spots or feeling like my skin is dry - all in all a bit run down, I have actually did a review on this product.  I love it and I love the smell of pink grapefruit so it's a winner in my book.  I love how it makes my face feel fresh and it wakes my skin up. 

Elizabeth Arden 2 in 1 Cleanser
This is my everyday cleanser, I use this on the non bleurgh days (lol) religiously.  I think I go through this faster than any other product I own (ok besides shampoo).  I probably use far too much at any given time.  

Garnier Pure Active Exfo Brusher
I use this once a week to help clean out my pores.  It helps exfoliate the skin, removing dirt and and any dry skin cells.  The bristles, get deep down into the pores and my skin always feels healthier after I have used it.  Though it is a bit of a pain sometimes getting the liquid squeezed out, feels like I am having to continuously do it to get the desired amount. 

 As you can see I have a lot of shampoo but they all serve their purpose - at least that is how I try to justify this.  From the left again

Herbal Essences Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner
This is my 'daily shampoo & conditioner I use this Monday-Friday.  It is great - my hair gets very dry and limp from time to time and this my hair the nourishment that it needs. 

 Lee Stafford BBlonde Shampoo & Conditioner 
This is purple shampoo for bleached blonde's.  Again, I have previously reviewed this product but I love it.  I use it every Saturday as it is only recommended to be used at most twice weekly. The purple shampoo acts like a toner and it helps get rid of any brassy yellow tones that can appear on bleached hair for after a while.  I can't say enough good things about this, it does really make a difference and I can only say buy it and try it for yourself, it's quality. 

John Frieda Sheer Blonde
This has actually been in my shower for a while, I haven't really used it in ages, It used to be my daily choice but after a while I wasn't feeling the love for it, my hair seemed dull afterwards and limp.  Really not sure why?  I use this now, in between buying the Herbal Stuff.  

Radox Shower Gel

Here you have my daily moisturising shower gel by Radox, It is smooth and silky and smells great.
It is mega cheap and is normally buy one get one free in Superdrug so I stock up.

 Chanel No 5 Shower Gel

Although this has a home in my shower, it is only used before I go on nights out or to special occasions, I feel it is too pricey to have to replace monthly  :-) it is beautiful and if I could afford to use it daily then I will.  I am hoping it will appear in my stocking from Santa again this year....

Last but by far least....

Dove Men Care Shower Gel
My poor husband only has one beauty product kept in the shower. Dove Men Care... well at least it is 'Extra Fresh'.  

Now for the tag#

Well I hope you liked reading about what I keep in my shower and I look forward to reading more tags.  For instance I tag:

There is no pressure but if you fancy partaking in this please link me back so I can be even more nosey :-)

Love L xxx


  1. Interesting shower its cute I like it :) My fave the ducky Lol... you're attached to it because of the story behind it that’s sweet.


  2. Great post hon. Well jealous bout the Chanel Shower gel ;)Thank you for tagging me I'll let you know when it's up xxx

    1. Ace, btw, I havent forgotten about the How much is your face tag, planning on doing it soon xx

    2. Yay! Look forward to seeing it on here :) xx

  3. This is such a cool post! I love reading things like this :) thank you for your lovely comment by the way - made my day! The Chanel shower gel looks amazing, I away like to have one luxury product in my bath so when I'm having a rubbish day I can have a nice pamper! Xxxx

    1. Thanks hun, yep i think everygirl should have at least one expensive product in their shower. we deserve it xxx

  4. I loved reading this post! Im super nosey as well haha that last part about your husbands product made me laugh :)

    1. Hi Adela, I always love your comments. I'm glad you laughed I was aiming to make people chuckle xxx Lx xx

  5. Interesting post to see what other people use ! I love herbal essences too ! However my products need descaling!

    1. I gave mine a good scrub before taking the pictures lol xx

  6. That's quite a stash you ave there, lol. Duck is cute.

  7. Quite a busy shower you have there! Love a bit of Chanel No.5 - girl after my own heart ;) x found you via the #R2BC bloghop ;) xxx

    1. Think every girl deserved a bit of Chanel xx

  8. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog :) and taking part in the silly sock swap!! YAY! So glad people are liking.

    After seeing your duck I am thinking the next one might have to be a rubber duck swap! (yes it can never be anything serious with me lol).


  9. I just did a similar tag on my blog and randomly i chanced upon your blog! This is so odd! We live in different corners of the world and both of us have an exfoliator, an epilator, herbal essences and a toy in common! LOL

    follow each other?

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