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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nail of the Night

Well thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, I don't know about you but it has been a long week.  

I did a post earlier in the week about my journey on the Exante Diet.  Out of the blue, Exante contacted me because they were impressed with it and asked if they could feature it on all their social networking sites.  I was well chuffed with this.    Unfortunately got a couple of uncomplimentary emails about it.  I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion.   Well that was mine.  

I decided to cheer myself up and give my nails a pampering - have been neglecting them this last week or so,  need to get back into the routine of doing them.  I am no nail artist in anyway so I do my best with my shakey hands.  I like bright colours and sometimes I like each nail to be different.  Tonight i've opted for the majority to be painted pink and one yellow with little pink dots, I always seal my nails with clear polish it helps to prevent early chipping.  


I picked these nail art varnish/pens up from Top Shop last month - there was also a blue pen included but can I find it anywhere? Nope.

I noticed these beside the till and grabbed them, I love the  neon colours and for just £10 they are a bargain.  You can literally do any pattern you like.  

Im not artistic so stripes, dots and hearts are about as much as I can muster to be honest lol...

Well I think they are cute....

What are your nails like today? I am genuinely always interested to know about my readers so do share :-)

As always
Love L xxx


  1. They are gorgeous I got mine done today see Twitter! I'm all about shellac! just love the convenience!

  2. My sister is a licensed nail artist... but she's never done my nails.. my fault, not her. I don't know why, but I do not like my hands and feet being touched lol! Anyhoo, she's given me a bunch of nailpolishes etc not too long ago. My toes are dark burgandy with alternating silver and gold crackle over it. (Have you heard of that stuff? It's a top coat that clumps into patterns on it's own so the bottom layer shines through... really cool.)
    My fingernails are (were) a shiny light pink, almost transparent. I did them before work one day and forgot the clear topcoat and it's already nearly gone after a week. The toenail polish didn't have a topcoat either but it's lasted near a month now and still looks great so it must have been higher quality polish.

    Oh, and your nails are adorable! So cheerful and energetic looking.

    1. I have a foot phobia so I know what you are talking about. Think toenails do tend to last longer, prob because they don't go through half as much as our hands do.

  3. Awww there cute mines still look the same as my Monday post pictures are there no chips yet so I’ll keep them like that. I was even pulled by a Julep maven rep yesterday she wanted to take a picture of my nails that was cool. I like your design it looks cool, does your top coat help your nails last long?


    1. Yeah for some reason the clear polish seals it in. I have no chips yet which is unusual for me. Have a night out tomorrow so think i'll do something else with them then. Saying that, i feel awful today full of the flu. May not get out yet :-(

  4. Ooh, enjoying your posts. I'm working through your blog!! I love this look. Perfect for the weekend, have a great weekend. Hope you're feeling better soon :)

  5. Thanks EssJay feel a bit better than yesterday but still pretty rubbish xx


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