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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Exante Diet - Controversial?

Today is the day I have reached the 1 stone lost mark!  You would think that this is quite simple to do but I found losing weight in the past really difficult.   And I am in a constant battle with the buldge.  From Christmas last year until 5 weeks ago, I slowly felt myself getting plumper and plumper and the scales were reading fatter and fatter until suddenly my favourite items of clothing, especially my skirts and jeans just didn’t fit me anymore or if they did, they were visibly clingy. 

It really became dire after a family holiday in Crete at Easter - I put on half a stone on that holiday because I was eating a fried breakfast every morning, not to mention copious amounts of wine, beer and cocktails.  Was truly disgusted with myself when I got home but did I do anything about it then…NOPE!!


A little over 5 weeks ago, I was getting into my car wearing the last skirt in my wardrobe that still looked ok - when I heard a rrrrrriiiiiip the skirt split right up the back. I knew then I had to do something about it.

Last year I lost 7lbs with Lighter Life, but I didn’t stick to it because it was costing me £70 a week plus there was pressure to go to all these group meetings – a bit like counseling sessions.  I felt I didn’t need counseling, I knew my problem, I had been eating too much and doing no exercise – simples.

In saying this, the shake programme was really working for meme so I decided to do some research into a similar low calorie diet and I came across Exante – which is what my post is going to be about today. 

There is some controversy around VLCD and LCD (very low calorie diets and low calorie diets).  Many people believe that these diets aren’t good for you however, they are medically proven and once you understand the science behind it you should understand.

The Exante Diet, along with Lighter Life and the Cambridge Diet are all Ketogenic Diets designed to put your body into ‘Ketosis’. 

A Ketogenic diet is a high fat, high protein, low carbohydrate diet which is designed to mimic aspects of starvation (I stress the word ‘mimic’) it forces the body to burn our natural fat sources rather than the energy ‘glycogen’ produced by carbohydrates.    When we start restricting the amount of carbohydrates in our diets, we use up our energy reserves of glycogen and we start to burn fat and our bodies start to produce a by-product “Ketones”.  When this happens we are said to be in Ketosis.

Ketosis suppresses your hunger.  It normally takes me 3 days to achieve the start of ketosis and I monitor my ketone levels by using ‘Ketostix’ which can be purchased at your local pharmacy. 

Ketosis enables your body to burn fat rapidly.  

After researching the Exante Diet for a few days I decided to start the plan called

‘Working Solution’

The Exante Working Solution is a based on a LCD, it provides 1000 calories a day. There is also a VLCD version called ‘Total Solution” If you feel you have more than 2 stone to lose.

You can choose from a combination of delicious, Shakes, Soups, Porridges and Bars. 

Each meal replacement pack is nutritionally complete and 3 servings provide 100% of your RDA so you are getting exactly what you need.  I am forever getting agro from friends about doing this because in their opinion these diets ‘can’t possibly be healthy’ however, if anything, you should be healthier than you have ever been.   How many of you can say that you get all your vitamins and minerals needed every day, I certainly didn’t!  I’d be lucky if I remembered to take my multi vitamin in the mornings. 

My 3 meal replacements choices are normally 2 shakes and a bar or sometimes I prefer to have 3 shakes.  I don’t like soup so these are a no-no for me.  My mum and sister are both on this plan, my mum likes the soups and my sister thinks they are all right. 

You are then allowed to have one low carbohydrate, high protein meal on top of this.  I normally have chicken and vegetables or steak and tomatoes.  Because my appetite becomes suppressed when I’m in ketosis I don’t often feel like I want an evening meal because I genuinely feel full, I choose to snack on high protein during the day.  My personal fav is Piri Piri chicken strips.  And I love Babybels as a quick fix instead of a biscuit with my coffee.  

This works really well for me and I have managed to stick to it.  I have also taken up walking 3 miles a day  (am lucky to have a treadmill in my garage). 

With this diet you must ensure you drink plenty of water on top of the water you drink in your shakes – 3-4 liters day.   I find it a bit of a chore at times but have got into the routine of keeping a filled bottle next to me or in my hand bag and I drink this throughout the day, refilling when necessary. 

I am not here today to force people into trying Exante, nor am I here to try and change people’s personal views on Ketogenic diets.  I just wanted to show you how I lost a stone in 5 weeks, the choice thereafter is yours. 

All of the details can be found on Exante’s website.  Please remember that if you have any health issue to consult your GP before ever entering into a VCLD/LCD.



  1. OMG I am definitely trying this I have been trying to lose some weight about a year now but it just goes up and down its frustrating. I am seriously looking into this diet, thanks for writing about this.


  2. Les, I love you, can always count on you to read my posts, my loyal little follower.. MWA xxxxxx

  3. congratulations on the weight loss, I've never been on a diet like this but as long as you're eating enough and getting goodness then it sounds like a great solution! following :) xxx

  4. well done on the weight loss! I've never been on a diet like this but as long as your eating enough and getting goodness then it sounds great! new follower :) xxx

  5. aw thanks megxx going over to check your page out now xxx

  6. Well done on the weight loss. Im currently doing Boossh which is basically the same x

    1. Thanks hun, it works very well for me,I don't think of it as a diet anymore I think of it as a better lifestyle choice. xxx Good luck on yourss, I have never heard of it but it its anything like Exante I can only presume it's brill. xxLaura

  7. well done; I did Cambridge 3 years ago and Exante helps me maintain - or rather brings me back when I've strayed!!! I also think of it as a lifestyle choice :)

  8. Cherry Chamberlain6 September 2012 at 20:02

    My brother-in-law recently lost a few stone on this kind of diet. He didn't use any shakes or anything though, he just completely cut out carbs and ate little and often. From a medical point of view I would recommend that anyone embarking on a ketogenic diet should always consult their GP first. Higher levels of ketones in the blood make it more acidic and this can cause damage to the liver and kidneys. On a less serious note, it makes you more prone to urine infections so medical supervision and short-term dieting is advised. In the western world we eat way too much sugar and starch though so cutting down is definitely no bad thing! Well done Laura! x

  9. I'm also on exante and lost a stone in 2 weeks. Week number 3 has stalled and I lost nothing this week but hoping week 4 will restore my confidence as I haven't cheated. I am on the total loss solution which is about 600 calories a day I believe. One and a half stone to go. I intend to stick with it and after which swap to the working solution. Good luck anyone on a diet. It's hard work but just keep the end goal in sight! X

  10. Oh wow! I'm in the process of losing weight right now too. I've been doing The Master Cleanse, but I'll have to check this out. I hope I can find it here. TY!


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