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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Dior -The Crush

Today I am going to be reviewing 3 sensational products by Christian Dior
Dior Forever Fluid Foundation
Dior Skin FlASH Radiance Booster Pen
Dior Skin Nude Hydrating Concealer 10mls

Old habits die hard

I have been wearing Estée Lauder Foundation since I was old enough to start noticing make up, I used to steal it from my mother’s make-up bag and got my first ever bottle when I was 14 for Christmas, which to most who were getting ‘Game Boys’ was nothing but to me it was everything.

Recently I have been wondering what else is out there? 

I decided to be brave and go on the hunt for something new. I think I have found something wonderful…

Dior Forever Fluid Foundation with SPF 25 I had never previously worn Dior Foundation - just admired from afar. I finally decided to approach the Dior Stand in my local John Lewis. I explained to the lady that I was looking to buy a new Foundation but didn’t know what shade etc. I was lucky enough to be given a free sample, which is nice because I really didn't want to pay £31.00 for a foundation that 1, may not be the right shade for me & 2, not give me enough coverage. 

The beautician in John Lewis did a skin test for me and matched me to the lightest shade 010  I really am very pale and do not frequently use a fake tan - It is recommended that, if you tan your skin religiously, to go for the darker shade. Do not buy the shade that is closest to your natural colour because this will appear pasty on a tanned skin. 

Since having children, my hormones have gone a little crazy and have been having outbreaks of acne and redness. I find that this foundation covers any red and blotchy patches giving medium coverage, which feels really light and manageable. If you prefer a heavier coverage, all you need to do is use a little more until the desired coverage is achieved. 

I have also sampled the new Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Éclat. I did the 'half and half face test'. They both have a velvety texture and feel luxurious. On application I came to the conclusion that they are very evenly matched. You could buy either and have the same effect. It comes down to the brand name at the end of the day. 

Do you prefer Dior or do you prefer Yves Saint Laurent? 

Dior Forever foundation should be called 'Magic' - while it gives you a matte finish it some how manages to retain a radiant glow. When my sample of this is finished I will definitely be purchasing this 'Forever' :-)

Dior Skin Nude Hydrating Concealer 10mls Although I am normally an Estée Lauder gaI – I have been wearing 'Dior Skin Nude Hydrating Concealer' for some time now. My shade being 001 Ivory (surprise, surprise), the lightest shade. This little bombshell costs around £20-22.00 (store dependent) but this should literally last you months - If not a year! Honestly a mm of this goes such a long way, if you squeeze out any more than that then you will actually be wasting money as all that excess adds up. I put this on after my foundation because it gives me a good indication of how much I will need to use to enable me to 
touch up any scaring or spots. 

Dior - SKIN FLASH Radiance Booster Pen This is a gorgeous highlighter and is Dior's version of Touche Éclat. This lovely piece is a must have for your make up collection. The Skin Flash comes in packaged in a gorgeous initialed black velvet pouch. The pen itself is silver with the Dior hologram to detail. You can wear this either under your foundation or over it. It can also be used without foundation depending on personal preference. There are 3 different shades in this range - 001 Rose Glow 002 Candle Light 003 Sun Beam I chose to go 001 again the lightest shade, which has a lovely pink tinge to the formula. From time to time I get noticeable dark circles under my eyes and if I am feeling stressed out I notice some fine lines appearing around my month and forehead, with a couple of clicks - this pen superbly covers these imperfections. 

To summarise

As previously mentioned I am normally an " Estée Lauder Gal' 

However these products are by far, the best I have tried out in a long time. 

Forever Foundation, Skin Flash and the Nude Concealer are 3 products that really compliment each other leaving your skin looking fresh, vibrant and beautiful. 

I would always recommend 'try before you buy'. Your local beauty desks should not have a problem giving you a sample to try-out - they understand that it is expensive to buy if the product isn't for you. 

Do ask them questions, or ask for a consultation trial as this helps so much in finding a new product for your collection. 

Have you tried this before?  What is your favourite Foundation and why?

Love Lxx



  1. Great post I have tried many foundations since as long as I can remember, lately I have stuck with L’Oreal True Match only when I go out and use the Maybelline BB cream when I’m on the go.

  2. I have the B B cream. Too it's handy when ur on the go isn't it. Xx

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