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Thursday, 20 September 2012

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Review

I have been looking for a really good makeup remover for ages now, I usually use facial wipes and then another cleanser after that to wash off any excess makeup that it missed.  I then usually follow up by using eye make up remover on top of that, all in all a bit of a scutter.

I received my first ever 'She Said Beauty Box' last week - and to everyone else who has received one you already know that in it was this little product:-

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Which as you can guess is the basis of this review 

First impressions:-

Packaging - nice and simple packaging - straight to the point.  When I first took off the lid I removed it carefully as I was quite expecting it to explode all over me but I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a sort of stopper with a tiny hole so only a miniscule amount at any time could come out.  

This product was easy to apply, you just dab the bottle 2-3 times on the palm of you hands  - as the instructions state 'dispense onto dry hands, and massage onto a dry face'.  The oil literally dissolves all the make up.  
I put some makeup swatches on the back of my hands to show you.
Picture 1 - Eye Shadow, Benetint and Peach Lipstick
Picture 2 - I have rubbed on some oil over the swatches horizontally.
Picture 3 - I ran water from the tap over it and patted dry.  You can actually see clearly the area which was dissolved in the oil

Pros:  This is a blend of Vitamin E and Olive Oil, it cleanses your face and removes your make up properly, it unclogs your pores and leaves your face feeling clean and fresh.  I really have noticed a difference in my complexion this last week, my skin is visibly clearer and it feels really soft.  I was so confident in my skin this morning, I actually only wore a tiny bit of Maybelline BB Cream and some Mascara to do the school run and that is not the 'norm for me'

Cons:  I will say that I didn't like the smell of this, it does just smell of olive oil.  Also when rubbing this into your face it does feel a bit sticky and greasy, though once rinsed this isn't a problem.

This product comes in 3 different sizes which can be bought from the DHC website

200ml - £18.50 (definitely considering buying this)
70ml - £9.50
30ml - £3.50 (this is the one in the box)

The larger products come with pumps. 


Packaging 5/5
Product 4/5
Value for money 5/5


  1. Lovely review :)

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    I will also be having a giveaway when i hit 50 followers!!

    1. Hi there, i'm following you back. Thanks for following me, keep in touch xx Laurzie

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  3. I love this to! Think it's the best thing I've ever had out of my Glossybox subscription. And agree with you bout the olive oil :) xx

    1. Yeah i was really impressed with it. olive oil stinks though lol xx

  4. Did this not leave your skin feeling greasy at all? I'm always terrified to put oils on my face for that reason.
    Mel x

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