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Friday, 21 September 2012

Beauty and the Beach Travel Supermarket Comp

A couple of weeks ago, I was tagged by Georgina from Make Up Pixi3 to take part in Travel Supermarket Beauty & the Beach competition for the best holiday Hair, Nails and Make up look.  

Well, I have been debating it back and forth for some time, and I got a reminder tweeted to me by travel supermarket yesterday so I thought why not...   However, i'm a bit of a nugget!!  And thought it also included beach outfit. I have been standing outside in the flippin rain trying to get the timer on my camera to take pics of the outfit i'd also wear.  I then came in here, read the rules again and realised i'd done that for nothing. I am going to include them because I think it finishes the look off but obviously I realise now that that isn't part of the comp.. 

Holiday Theme

I am going with a beach theme, and how i'd personally rock that look. 


When I think of summer holidays and going to the beach, I think of all things floral and sunny.  My favourite summer colours are Corals, Peaches and Pinks, I also love to wear quite minimalistic makeup during the day on holiday which you will see as you continue to read.  

If you are anything like me, you will find doing your holiday hair a bit of a 'mare'.  The humidity of the weather tends to make mine go a bit frizzy looking so I almost always swear by the easy to manage 'Half up Half Down' look - yes this is easy, but hey when you are on your holibobs you want to get ready in the fastest possible manner.  

This is a picture of me fashioning the 'half up half down' do in Crete earlier this year, the photos below were taken today to show how I did that hair style.  Please excuse some of the picture quality as I had to take the pics myself and this proved rather challenging .

I pulled two sections of my hair and kerbied them at the back of my head - as simple as that.  
I know this isn't exactly a challenging look but it is manageable and so easy to do when you are in a hurry. 


As I mentioned above my favourite summer colours are Coral, Peaches & Pinks, in all different shades so when I go on my holidays these are the colours that I work with whether it be day or night

These are my favourite nail polishes of the summer.  

Maybelline New York - Coral
Rimmel London - Coraliscious 
Barbara Daly - Spell bound

I like to use both shades,  I normally paint 3 of my nails in one coral and 2 in the other. Vice versa for each hand. 

I love the glitter over coat, it makes an easy transition from day to night. 

I also like to do my toes in the same colours (please excuse my manky feet.. I know my big toes are like light bulbs)

Make up

When i'm away on my holidays how I look really does matter, though, because I don't know anyone there I can ease off on the 'slap' a bit.  So I like to keep things quite natural looking.  I like bronzers and beauty balms, lip glosses and water proof mascaras but before I show you that I will show you this:-

Garnier Summer Body is an absolute must have for any lady on her holidays. I start using this product a week before I go, this little stunner gives you a gradual natural looking glow to set you up for the time ahead.  It smells lush, leaves your skin looking radiant and gives you a gorgeous colour.  I am really really pale and would not be seen without this on holiday

As you can see from the picture, I don't have much make up on at all, apart from the lips it looks really natural but I am in fact wearing make up, I haven't been wearing the Garnier Summer Body Lotion for a while so I am paler than normal so if you imagine this picture with a bit more of a tan lol.

Estee Lauder Day Wear Moisturiser
Maybelline BB Cream - Light
Dior Concealer - Nude
Maybelline Super Stay 10hr Lip Gloss - Forever Coral (seeing a theme?)
Maybelline Volume Express Mascara ( I normally opt for a water proof one whilst away so I can go in the pool and don't have to worry about panda eyes).
Estee Lauder Shimmer bronzing palette, I use this on my face and I like to wear it as eye shadow too

Lastly I like to use a body spray like Impulse during the day, not to waste any expensive perfumes, I keep them for in the evenings.  Impulse or any other body sprays keep you fresh through out the day and are great for sprusing yourself up before lunch after sunbathing 

Well I hope you enjoyed reading my Beauty & the Beach post as I mentioned earlier here is me standing in the rain posing for the final look!  

Big fan of the maxi dress for the beach - this is from Monsoon, along with my beach bag

You cant see but its actually raining and very very cold.  Scottish Weather :)

me trying to show you my flip flops .... badly.

Accessorize Flip Flops

Chunky Bracelets my fav. 

Thanks again to Georgina from Makeup Pixi3  for nominating me and to Travel Supermarket for hosting quite a wonderful competition. Even if I don't win, i'm glad to have taken part, doing this was actually quite fun  

Love as always




  1. I really enjoyed this post :) that's funny how you're wearing your beach clothes in the rainy weather. Now that's dedication right there :) hehe

    I usually wear minimal makeup at the beach as well and I don't even want to mess with my hair haha it turns into a lion mane

    Xoxo, Adela

  2. I saw your story come up on my Twitter feed and I love your nails! Thanks for the read.

  3. Great outfit and I love your nails!! :D

  4. I love half up, half down hairstyles and that Garnier moisturiser rocks!:)

    1. Hey babe how r ya? i just love it and its cheap xx

  5. I love the nail color! Super pretty and girly! ♥

    anyways.. I am your newest follower. :)
    Saw you from the link party! I hope you can check out mine too!

  6. hey cutie following ur blog xx

  7. Aw bless you, out in the rain for nothing! Oh well, at least the rain made the snaps authentic if we're talking a stay-cation ;)
    I keep meaning to enter this too but just haven't got round to it yet, maybe next week :)
    Mel xx

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