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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

TAG!!! Where do you live?

This is my front door
Hello Lovelies in the world of Blog, hope everyone is well today!! 

I thought since I was new to blogging I would try out a tag, to give you an insight into my world and show you where I live... So here goes!
This is my house I live here with my hubby and my two little boys.

This is my Street it is very Wysteria Lane! Or at least I like to think so.  As you can see it is another horrible day in Aberdeenshire.   I live in a small village called Methlick in the North East of Scotland - I'd ask if you had ever been but highly doubt it it's in the back of beyond!   We only got broadband a few years back and I only get one bar on my mobile phone for reception.

Never has a truer word been spoken in my little world. This hangs inside my porch. Gives visitors the heads up to why I look like i do when they turn up unexpected :-)


This is my son Darcy, he is my youngest and insisted he wanted to be in this post.  Darcy is 3, and is a cheeky little monkey. 

Next to Darcy is my living room where I have been doing all my blogging.  You can see on the table my lap top and my bum imprint on the sofa where I have been glued to obsessively over the last few days.  Wondering - 'have i any followers yet'  Have I had any viewers!?  I know stats isn't a biggie but it is nice to see people are taking an interest. And while I am on that topic, thank you so much for all my new followers here, on Hello Cotton and not to forget Bloglovin and Twitter.  Thank you I really appreciate it. 
This is my cuddle chair, it is my favourite place to sit in the house I have my morning coffee here everyday and I usually have to move the little monsters from it.  "THIS IS MUMMIES CHAIR....MOOOOOVE" :-)  they love me but not before my injection of caffeine 
My new Kettle, had to throw this in as I love it.

This is my favorite brand of instant coffee, I cannot function without my morning coffee, and I am embarrassed to admit that I probably drink around 8 cups of coffee a day.  No wonder I have insomnia huh! 

These are my favourite wine glasses, I got these from my sister last Christmas and it is safe to say they are used frequently.  You can see behind it my favourite box of red wine (also my microwave... but that's not important :-p )

This is my back garden from the Kitchen window, I would have gone outside however, it is lashing down and I would get soaked. 
This is my husbands 'man cave' and when he is offshore it is what normal people would call the Garage or utility area.  my washing machine is next to me and and there is also a sink.

This is my dressing table where I get ready .. .obviously

This is a selection of products hat I use.   Which reminds me I need to clean that hairbrush :-)

Lastly, this is my en suite, as you can see there is a shower, wash hand basin and toilet.  Hanging on the door are two of my most worn scarves.  I will do a "what's in my shower' post another day. 

Well, I will wrap it up there as I have probably bored you to tears already, though I hope not!   

Hope you have enjoyed reading and I can't wait to read yours so.....

TAG!!!!  YOU'RE IT!!!!!



  1. What a lovely house, I'm envious :)

    1. Thanks Georgina, i tag you now :-p xxxx

    2. I still fully intend to do this :) This is the post that got me hooked on your blog :)

    3. AW cant wait to read it. i'm glad you started reading my blog - blogging bestie

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :) - Hope you will stop by again! xx

    1. Was my pleasure, your on my follow list so will be keeping an eye out for your latest news. xxx

  3. Laurzie! that chair looks so comfy and your home looks so welcoming :) love reading your posts!

  4. Natasha, it is the best honestly, if you don't have one i suggest buying one, you can even nap on it. Thanks i love yours too xxx

  5. your house is gorgeous! loving the man cave! lol

    lovely blog xxx

  6. Aw thanks Jen, Yeah the man cave is his retreat. Keep in touch xx


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