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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

September Wishes

Diesel LOVERDOSE Perfume - there is a free sachet of this perfume stuck to one of the pages of this months Glamour Magazine and I have been rubbing it on my wrists and neck every chance I get, It has such a lush sweet scent, I just love it. I have decided to invest in a bottle as the sticky bit on the mag is more or less done.  My children keep looking at me like I am insane and they say 'mummy, which are you rubbing paper on yourself?'... they are boys, they will never 'get it'.

Dior Skin Flash Primer - I am going to buy this as my sister uses this and it looks great.  I want to compare it with my current YSL Touche Èclat.  

Beauty Box - It drives my husband absolutely crazy seeing all my make up products scattered allover my dressing table and literally spilling out of the drawers.  I am forever 'getting into trouble' :-( So to keep Mr Grumpy Pants happy, I have decided the time has come to invest in a proper Beauty Box to keep my ever expanding collection neat and tidy... Any suggestions where I can get a good, cheapish one?

Eye Make Up Remover - I am on the hunt for a decent eye make up remover.  I currently only use facial wipes to remove my make up and it is a hit or miss whether the mascara or liner come off at once, I am usually scrubbing it off my face and my eyelids and under eyes are left feeling irritated.  This also can cause damage to the tissue around the eyes,  any help on this matter appreciated.

Karen Millen Check Skirt - Skirts play a major role in my day to day lifestyle, I love a nice skirt and the way they make me feel when they are on.  Don't get me wrong, I love a skinny jean but my love for skirts is stronger.  

Well, I when I was in Karen Millen the other day I came across a gorgeous red check skirt with ruffle detail to the front, it fit like a glove.  I resisted the temptation to buy it as I had already gone over my shopping budget for August.  £110, I couldn't justify spending when I still had one last weeks grocery shopping to buy.  I could go without food for it but I think my children and husband would have something else to say about that. 

So this is on my September shopping wish list as another month, another BUDGET!!  ;-)  watch this space xxxx



  1. Eye make up remover is an essential! boots no 7 is good but I love all the garnier cleansers so tried their one and its fab no irritation and really takes everything off and is cheaper! I try to stick to make up removal regime its defo helped my skin as it wad awful! xx

  2. Oh thanks I'll have a look next time i'm in xxxxx


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