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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Scent of a Man

'a bit woodier than i'm used to' 

I was speaking with my sister on Skype yesterday as she lives in Milan and we were laughing because she has recently returned from a holiday in Lake Como - she had forgotten to take her perfume with her.   So, she decided to bag the free samples in the hotel she was staying in and thought that they would do for a couple of days. 

After arriving home and finishing off the final sample that was safely stowed in her handbag she was thinking to herself, 'I really like that, I wonder if you can buy it somewhere?' She types the words ‘Cartier Declaration’ into a Google search only to discover that it is in fact a Cologne for men.

We both had never heard of it but she is happy because it is sold in all of the major perfume shops.  I, a bit horrified, said ‘you aren’t going to continue wearing it are you?’  She quite matter of factly replied ‘why not if it smells good? It is a bit woodier than what I’m used to but it smells fresh’.  Good for you sis, what a good attitude to have.  

Which has led me to this question…

Is it socially acceptable for women to wear men’s cologne? 

I personally love a variety of different colognes, however, the odd ‘scoosh’ here and there is ok and if my husband has been offshore for a while I like to spray my pillow with his ‘BOSS’ - I find this somewhat comforting.  In saying that, I don’t want to be walking around recognizably smelling like a man.

Perhaps this is a confidence issue? Am I too embarrassed?  My sister is right though, if it smells good then why not? 

I have a guilty secret…

My all time favourite cologne - which I sneak into his Christmas stocking, has to be ‘Eternity for Men’ by Calvin Klein.  Whether he likes it or not his annual bottle is always there, he can guess what it is before he has unwrapped it because the scent is on the wrapping paper from me smelling it before hand J.

I could not actually pin point what exactly I love so much about this fragrance but it is so seducing and extremely sexy -  it drives me crazy.  I love how the scent lingers all day …… oooh goose pimples.  If I could spray this on myself and wear it all day everyday then I would – I confess…maybe one of these days I will be naughty and do just that. It would be interesting to know what men think of ladies wearing their colognes? 

Calvin Klein -  “Men have to be sensual without losing their manhood and power”

Since you now know my guilty pleasure, what is your favourite cologne and what do you like your man to smell of? 

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  1. I like Armani Gio and Issey Miyake for men.


  2. Interesting post, I have a friend who loves to wear men's fragrances and deodorant. Personally, I prefer to smell feminine - I love male scents...but on men - that's the whole reason they smell so nice to me, I think. My hubby wears Armani Code, Jean Paul Gaultier (the Classic one) and Calvin Klein Euphoria, allof which I love.
    Mel x

  3. Hi Mel, thank you for taking the time to read this post. I agree I definitely prefer to smell feminine . Have you tried Armani Code for woman it is gorgeous xx

  4. I actually love the scent of men's cologne...the woodsy/musky type of scents. I'm not sure I would wear cologne personally, though I have seen "unisex" scents around lately that I would try!

    Found your blog through the BBU blog hop! Following through GFC and HelloCotton =)

  5. Thanks for commenting, i like to hear everyones views, away to check out your blog now xxx

  6. Men should smell good. And I don't mean just good. Men should smell reeeally good. :D

    pheromones attract women


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