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Friday, 31 August 2012

Glossy Box

After a night of being super envious of everyone's Glossy Boxes for August, I have subscribed just in time for the September one.  I am so excited. 

What does everyone think of theirs, is it as good as it seems?  


  1. I will be interested to hear about this as I've been looking at these and considering them as a monthly treat!! xx

  2. Hello you, my loyal follower :-) Hope you are all set for your big day, I wish you all the best for it. can't wait to see the photos. I will certainly let you know what Glossy Box is like, I didn't know they existed till I read someone elses blog xx

  3. Hey chicky sure am chilling having a wine eek can't wait! sure there will be plenty piccies for ya! excellent can see me purchasing if you are glowing re review. we have v similar cosmetic tastes loving ur blog xxx

  4. I think we must have :-) I will do a review when it comes through - I have treated myself to the 'she said beauty' one too. Going to see which one is best. xxx


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