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Friday, 31 August 2012

GHD Stylers Scarlet Deluxe Collection Set

Good evening everyone, this afternoon I was going to publish my Friday Favourites but have decided to leave them and make them my my favourites for tomorrow - what's a day.  This is due  to a parcel left on my doorstep today...

10 months ago, I accidentally stood on my Coriolis hair straightners

10 months ago, I was forced to tape them up and 'make do'

10 months of trying to convince my husband that I need a new pair, that the pair I have are a dangerous fire hazard... I was allowed to order a new pair.

After 3 weeks of chasing up and eagerly anticipating the door bell ringing....

the day has finally come :-)

I get to put these where they belong. 

In the bin!

because....  look what arrived this afternoon...

My brand new 

GHD Stylers Scarlet Deluxe Collection Set

I am really pleased with these, they came in a really lovely box (which solves some makeup storage problems), a sexy little purse, heat protective cover, 2 clips and a travel hair dryer.  Not bad for £99.00.  

My old hair straightners got plenty of use that is for sure, but were literally tearing my hair to pieces.  I simply cannot wait to use these!  
 am one happy little blogger tonight :-)


  1. MY sister bought me the pink/purple ones for my birthday, my first set and I love them!


  2. Hey Georgina, yeah they are fabulous and my hair really needed them it feels silky smooth again! Result!!


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