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Monday, 27 August 2012

A Purple Rinse in your 20s?

Purple Rinse for in your 20s? Firstly let me just say good evening everyone, whatever you are all up to? It is a very wild and blustery night here where I am, and the wind is still rising. Where has our summer gone? Now to get to the point of this post.
I am a fairly new 'Blondie' and have been finding that a few weeks after bleaching, my hair is begins to take on a brassy look. Daily life takes its toll on your hair and it is important to protect it as best we can. One way for Blondes to do this is to use something called Purple Shampoo. I had never heard of this in my life, it was my wonderful hairdresser, Fiona, who recommended it to me so off to the chemist I went. Scanning the aisle for it not really having a clue what it was I was searching for - I first chose Provoke 'Touch of Silver' which is a twice a week brightening Shampoo. I used this product until it was finished but really I didn't think it worked for me at all. I never saw a difference and was quite disappointed. It also seemed to take forever to rinse the colour out of my hair. I soon gave up. A few months passed and as I was browsing the shelves in Boots I came across 'BLEAch BLondes Shampoo' by Lee Stafford. I purchased this along with the recommended Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Conditioner. The thick silky purple shampoo, which smells lush, is a toning shampoo and is designed to get rid of any brassy tones whilst restoring your colour. I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for a three weeks now and I am so impressed with it. I can see a visible difference in the colour of my hair - it looks more blended. It has also given my hair a boost of radiance and shine. It will help me through till my next hairdressers appointment. The packaging advises not to use this Shampoo everyday nor to leave it on too long. You should alternate with another shampoo to prevent over toning. I bought mine from Boots and it cost £6.39. Some might say that that is a bit extreme price to pay for a shampoo but it is honestly worth it. Plus because you are not using it every day, but once a week you will have it for a good while before having to replace it again. Very Happy. I must add that you are allowed to use the BB Conditioner every day however, I decided not to and to keep it when I do my ritual of purple rinsing ;-)

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