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Friday, 31 August 2012

A little bottle of Sunshine

This is Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub.

I would describe this little beauty as nothing more than a burst of sunshine  in a bottle.

Lately my skin has been feeling really dry, especially in areas around my forehead and around my cheeks and jawline.  I have been really run down my skin has been sore from an outbreak of acne -  all in all pretty poor shape, feeling yucky.

I picked this up in Boots for £4.95 (but think it may even be cheaper in the likes of Tesco).  I thought I would give it ago as nothing ventured nothing gained.

I applied a little of this product on my hands and added a little warm water. I then massaged the formula all over my face, concentrating on the most problematic areas.  I do this for a bout 3 minutes a time, to get the blood flowing under the skin.  The micro beads are designed to attack and clean out any pores.

After this, I rinsed with some warm water and dried my skin down, patting gently.

My skin was left feeling clean, fresh and energised.

I have been using this since Monday and see a difference in the softness of my skin and as a result my make up seems to be sitting better.

If you, like me, love the smell of pink grapefruit then you will love this.  It is beautiful and I  can smell it lingering on me until I go t to put on my make up.

You can use this product morning and night, unlike some other facial scrubs that are only recommended one application weekly.

Be careful not to get it in your eyes as it will sting and cause irritation, if this happens, as the directions state 'rinse immediately with warm water'


  1. I used to use this products and I really liked it, but after a while the smell made me sick. I do love grapefruit smell, so not sure what was that about. xo

  2. Oh that isn't good, how odd. Hope i continue to like it lol x


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